Questions about adoption? We have answers.

All adoptions come with questions and doubts- for the adoptive parents and for the adopted child.  Questions may arise throughout the child’s entire childhood, and even go into his or her early adu…

October 7, 2013

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Easing the Adjustment Period: Bringing your older adoptive child into the community

“Healing came, not in the way we had prayed for, but in the way that God had planned all along.Healing came in small steps. Healing came when we sent in our application to adopt to New Beginnings. H…
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The Money Question: Tackling the Biggest Objection to Adoption

Prospective adoptive parents often have concerns on how they will meet the financial needs of adopting a child. Adoptive parents are usually faced with initial costs that can be challenging and stress…
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Three Polish games to play with your children this summer

We are very excited about new Poland adoption program, but know that adopting pre-schoolers and older children can present their own challenges. One of the best ways to bond with any child is through …
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How and When Do I Talk to My Child About Adoption?

Children who are exposed to the term adoption and their adoption story at an early age are more comfortable asking questions and talking openly about the subject. For children whose adoption story may…
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