Wroclaw, Poland: The Land of the Dwarfs

When adopting internationally, you will have to travel to your child’s birth country. Most families stay several days, bonding with their child and completing paperwork. Families adopting through our Poland program often visit Wroclaw, and they often report that one of the most fun parts of their stay in the city is dwarf-hunting. All throughout the […]

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Surviving Post Adoption Holidays with Your Extended Family

It’s supposed to be “warm and fuzzy time,” and during the holidays most families anticipate spending time with relatives. Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers give us a chance to build connections with people we love who live far away. For the adoptive parent however, these get-togethers can be the source of a lot of holiday anxiety. […]

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What You Need to Know About Referrals Under Hague

Without a doubt one thing you will have while going through the adoption process is questions. This is to be expected and asking questions is actually encouraged. Without asking questions you will not know what obstacles lay ahead. It’s also important to remember that whereas a Hague adoption requires the adoption agency to obtain and […]

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Adoption Grief: Understanding Your Child’s Mourning

Everyone has experienced grief at some point of his or her life. Yet, as adults we often find difficulty in accepting a child’s grief, especially adoptive children’s grief. We hear the following sentences all too often, “But you rescued him/her. They shouldn’t be sad. They should be thankful.” This is a misguided understanding of how […]

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Interview: Tom, Leah, and Victoria’s visit to Poland

Last April, New Beginnings announced it’s international adoption program with Poland. We are one of the very few Hague agencies offering adoptions from this country, working with some of the best and most experienced coordinators in Poland, and have already completed several adoptions including the Barefoot and Washington families. After a year of working with […]

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Guest Post: Update from the Barefoot Family

We introduced you to the Barefoot family late last year when they returned from Poland just before Christmas. We’re happy to bring you an update from the family themselves. We began our adoption journey just over a year ago. We were excited to find that New Beginnings had started a new international adoption program  with Poland where sibling groups were available […]

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