Austin and Krista

Dear Birthmother,

We want to start off by simply saying, “Thank you.” Thank you for being so selfless to choose life for your baby. Thank you for seeking out help at New Beginnings. Thank you for viewing our profile and considering us to raise this child.

We can’t even begin to imagine the emotional and spiritual struggles that you are going through at this moment. You are our hero for wanting a good life for your baby. We are amazed by your courage and strength during this journey.

God bless,

Austin and Krista


Austin is the Production Manager for a home building company and likes to work outside in the yard or shop during his free time.  He also likes to hunting, fishing and boating. He is very dedicated to family and is always there when you need him.

Krista is a Lending Assistant for a local bank. She enjoys working on little craft projects and playing with the dogs after work. She has the biggest heart and is always willing to give her time and resources to make someone smile. She puts everyone before herself and is loyal to her friends and family.

We met on a blind date in 2005, in Columbus, MS, through some mutual friends. We can assure you it was not love at first sight! Austin’s brand new truck was stuck in his best friend’s back yard. I had been waiting for a couple of hours because he was late for our group date. There was a miscommunication somewhere about the time we were supposed to meet. We started talking after that and had our first real date a couple of weeks later. We joke about it now and enjoy telling the story.

In the beginning of our relationship, Austin lived in Atlanta at the time, and I was still in school at MUW in Columbus. We continued talking every day on the phone, and Austin would come to Columbus to see me on the weekends. In October 2005, Austin asked me to marry him. Of course, I was hesitant because he had a beard that night. I had never seen him with a beard. It was different. Ha! I gave in and said “Yes!” about fifteen seconds later. We began planning the wedding, and set the date for June 10, 2006. We married, I moved to Atlanta, and we began our journey through life together. We moved several times through job changes but have settled down and are ready to start a family.


Our home is a nice 3 bedroom/2 bath on a little over 2 acres of land in the country.  We have a deck overlooking a large backyard.  We enjoy grilling out and sitting by the fire pit with friends and family.  Living in the country we are far enough out to have the space to run around but close enough to get to town when we need to.  One of the best schools in Mississippi is right around the corner.


We are both very close to our families.  Austin enjoys hunting and fishing with his family, and Krista and her family enjoy shopping and going out to eat.  As a family, we enjoy taking the boat out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or grilling out with family and friends then enjoying time together around the fire pit after dark.  We usually go to the beach a couple of times every summer either for a long weekend or for a few days during the week.  We always spend the holidays with family since both of our family’s live close to each other.


In 2008, we started trying to conceive. We were ready for a baby! We didn’t get pregnant right away so we began talking with the doctor about fertility treatments, but we decided to keep trying naturally. We didn’t have any luck there. It wasn’t time for us to be parents yet.

In February of 2010, we decided to start fertility treatments. We did this for almost two years, again with no positive pregnancy test. The doctors could never tell us what was stopping us from conceiving. The tests all showed normal. We prayed about it and decided to take a couple of years off and try naturally again.

In 2015, we decided to give fertility treatment one more shot. This time, we were going all the way to IVF. They ran all the tests again, and nothing showed up that would keep us from conceiving. We hit our knees again and prayed for God to show us what we should do. All the signs kept pointing us to adoption. We are sure this is what God has for us.

A little more about us….

Occupation Production Manager for Homebuilding Company Lending Assistant for BankPlus
Education Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi Bachelor’s in Psychology from Mississippi University for Women
Favorite Hobby Boating/hunting Boating and crafts
Favorite Food Fried Chicken Cobb Salad
Favorite Dessert Banana Pudding Ice Cream
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas/Easter
Favorite Movie Top Gun Marley & Me
Favorite TV Show Swamp People Fixer Upper
Favorite Music Artist/Group Kenny Chesney Chris Tomlin/Mercy Me/Lauren Daigle
Favorite Vacation Spot Orange Beach Orange Beach/Gatlinburg