Derek and Shannon

Dear Birthmother,

Hello! We are Derek and Shannon. While we haven’t met you yet, we are already praying for you every day. We truly admire your strength, and thank you for considering our family.

God uses all for His good, and we rest in His power and grace.

Standing Amazed,

Derek and Shannon


Now in our tenth year of marriage, we met in college. Quickly friends, we started dating after Shannon was asked by our university if she would be interested in broadcasting as the play-by-play announcer for the women’s soccer webcast. Not knowing much about the game at the time, Shannon enlisted the help of the biggest soccer enthusiast she knew – Derek. The rest is history!

Derek is a student minister with a passion for people and sports. A former collegiate soccer player, he enjoys traveling both domestically and internationally and hopes someday his adventures will land him inside the stadium of a British Premiere League soccer game. Derek loves to relax with a god book and is currently pursuing his doctorate degree.

Shannon is a two-time Associated Press award winning broadcast journalist who traded in her reporting career to dedicate herself to family.  Shannon currently works part-time as the referral coordinator for a healthcare organization. The best part of her job is the flexibility she is given to be a mom first and an employee second. Shannon is the assistant worship leader at our church and has a passion for creating, especially through the visual arts.

We have two children who are thrilled to welcome another sibling to their crew. Both incredibly goofy and equally kind-hearted, their excitement for a new playmate grows every day.


We live in a two-story home in a friendly neighborhood full of families with young children. Located within 15 minutes of 3 city parks, we are also within walking distance of one of the state’s top-ranked elementary schools. Our home is a hub of activity as we thoroughly enjoy hosting friends and family for dinner parties, play dates and holidays. We believe very strongly in the power of community and want our children to know what generosity and dependability look like.

You’ll often find us out and about taking advantage of all that our community offers. A commuter town full of opportunity, we are convenient to shopping, restaurants, and big-city amenities with the quiet, small-town charm that we love.


We are a very tight knit group blessed to live extremely close to family. We love to all gather for big family meals and thoroughly enjoy our tradition of packing a beachfront condo full on our summer beach trips.

Thanksgiving is the biggest of get-togethers complete with generous helpings of home-cooked favorites. Both sides of Derek’s very large extended family gather at his mom’s house for food and fellowship. Derek is the oldest of four children, Derek’s dad is the oldest of four, and Derek’s mom is the youngest of four – needless to say, it easily turns into a full house on big occasions, and we love it!

Shannon also comes from a big family; her dad is one of six children and her mom is one of five. It’s a wonder Shannon only ended up with one brother! Shannon’s family is all about adventuring. They love to travel and explore new places.

Birthdays have always been an occasion for all-out celebrations in Shannon’s family – a tradition that she keeps alive within our own household. Shannon loves to decorate the entire house with balloons and streamers while everyone’s sleeping just so that the birthday boy or girl can wake up with an instant feeling of excitement.


Even before marriage, we were both very passionate about adoption. One of our favorite people in the world, Derek’s late grandfather, was adopted as a young child. Shortly after we became engaged, he pulled Shannon to the side and made sure she knew that she would not be his granddaughter-in-law, but that she would be his complete granddaughter whom he already loved. He was our biggest cheerleader and adoption’s biggest advocate.

Unsure if we would ever be able to have kids, we have been blessed beyond measure with our two children. Even though that door has been closed, we still feel that our family has more room to grow and more love to give.

We have full clarity that God has brought us to this place. We are excited to meet our precious little one, knowing with full confidence that they will be loved, they will be provided for, and they will be given every opportunity to be all that God created them to be.

A little more about us….


Occupation Student Minister Referral Coordinator
Education Master’s Degree,

Currently pursuing his Doctorate

Bachelor’s Degree
Favorite Hobby Reading, Soccer Running, Music
Favorite Food Steak Derek’s Grandmother’s Sweet Potato Casserole
Favorite Dessert Strawberry Cake Frosted Sugar Cookies
Favorite Holiday Christmas Birthdays
Favorite Movie The Patriot Shawshank Redemption
Favorite TV Show The Middle The Middle, This is Us
Favorite Music Artist/Group Matt Papa Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra
Favorite Vacation Spot The Beach The Beach