Eric and Krystina

Dear Birthmother,

You and your child are loved by so many already. We have friends, family, co-workers, and church members who are praying alongside us for your health during your pregnancy and for your peace of mind while making such a big decision. We promise to raise your child in a loving, safe, fun, and stable home and to provide the best education possible. You will always be spoken highly of and will be respected in our home throughout our child’s life. Thank you for considering us and we are honored that you took the time to get to know us!


Hi! We are Eric and Krystina and we have been married for five years.  We met while working together at a church and were married two years later.  Whether we are spending time at home with our big yellow dog (Ed) or taking a vacation, we love being together.  Having a family and raising children in a loving, fun, safe, Christian home is one of our top priorities in our marriage. We are excited to continue building our family through adoption!


Age: 29

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Favorite things: naps, snacks, walking & snuggling with our dog Ed, exercising, cooking, being a nurse, being home, laughing, & watching Friends!

About Krystina (from Eric): Krystina is the most wonderful person.  She is loving, caring and a loyal friend who would do anything for those whom she loves.  She loves to keep house and clean, even on her day off.  She is a perfectionist and seeks to do her best in everything she commits to do.  She is very intentional and conscientious about what she does.  She is a talented artist and very creative.  She has a beautiful smile and great laugh.  She loves to take naps and snuggle with our dog Ed.  She loves the beach.  One of her favorite things to do is to sit on the beach and read a book.  She loves to travel.  She’s a hard worker and is a great nurse.  I know that she will be a great mother.


Age: 33

Occupation: Pastor

Favorite things: traveling, playing tennis, watching football and baseball, Mississippi State, spending time with Krystina & Ed

About Eric (from Krystina): Eric is going to be such an amazing father. I love watching him run around playing tag or throwing a football with the children at our Wednesday night church program.  He is steady, smart, kind, patient, and always thinking of others before himself.  Eric is passionate about local mission work and often volunteers at the food pantry. He is a gifted pastor and is dedicated to his God, church, and congregation. When discussing our future family, I asked Eric if he was ready to have children and if he wanted a family. His reply was “Absolutely, and you and our children will be my world.” He melted my heart – I will never forget those words!


We currently live in a really cute house with a big front and back yard with lots of beautiful trees. Our home has three bedrooms with both a really large kitchen and living room space.  We love spending time together in our cozy den playing with Ed or watching movies. The local high school and our church are within walking distance. Our community is very safe with nice people and many children.


We love to travel and explore new places together. Eric plans our adventures and Krystina enjoys having a free travel agent! One of our favorite traditions is to find a Christmas tree ornament wherever we go. Every Christmas we put up the tree together and remember our fun times! We are looking forward to having a little side-kick to explore and make memories with us.

We are both very close with our families. Eric’s father, Ben, is a doctor and his mother, Doris, is a stay-at-home mom – and now a traveling grandmother to our three young nieces and nephews!  He is the second oldest of five children and all of their names begin with the letter “E” – Emily, Eric, Evan, Eliot, Elizabeth. Family traditions include taking an annual beach trip, Fourth of July pool parties, and attending as many MSU sporting events as possible! Krystina’s father and stepmother are Mike and Sandra. Her dad is a doctor and Sandra works in pastoral care at their church. Her mother and stepfather, Barbara and Mike, live on a beautiful piece of land with horses, a barn cat, a farm dog, and lots of outdoor activities to entertain grandchildren! Barbara is a math teacher and Mike is enjoying retirement. Krystina also has a beautiful red-headed stepsister, Elizabeth, who is going to be such a fun aunt.


We both feel very strongly that love makes a family, not necessarily biology. When faced with the choice to pursue invasive reproductive procedures or pursue adoption, we made the decision both individually and as a couple to adopt. We felt God leading both of our hearts towards adoption and have trusted Him fully during this journey.

A little more about us….

Occupation Pastor Registered Nurse
Education Master of Divinity Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Favorite Hobby Travel Walking and snuggling with Ed
Favorite Food Roast and potatoes Pizza, PBJ, tomato soup and grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls…  ok ok really all food.
Favorite Dessert Pecan Pie White birthday cake with white icing. Hot pink flowers on top.
Favorite Holiday Easter Christmas!
Favorite Movie Schindler’s List It’s a tie between The Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast
Favorite TV Show Law & Order FRIENDS
Favorite Music Artist/Group Need to Breathe Justin Timberlake
Favorite Vacation Spot Anywhere new Gulf Shores or any beach