Larken and Lindsay

Dear Birthmother,

We are Larken & Lindsay! We would be honored to share your child’s life and would so appreciate the precious gift of another sweet baby to love. We recognize what sacrifice and strength it requires for you to pursue an adoption plan. Please know that we are praying for you through this process. If chosen, you can rest assured that your child will be cherished, unconditionally loved, well-cared for and raised in a Christian home.

We have an enormous peace in the confidence that God will draw to us the child that is meant to be a part of our family. We are so thankful to you for being His instrument in bringing your child into the world and blessing him or her with life. Thank you for considering us to parent your child. We would truly be honored if you chose us. Since we started this adoption process, we have had deep conviction to remember that we are ALL adopted by God and this gives us an unbreakable connection already with the child that we are meant to adopt.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We wish you the absolute best!

With Love,

Larken, Lindsay, Caroline & Julia


We met in our last semester of college while getting undergraduate degrees. Larken received a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry in 2006 and Lindsay received a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2006. After just a few dates, we both knew that we were compatible enough to spend the rest of our lives together. We were fortunate to both be moving to the same town that fall to pursue doctorate degrees. We lived across town from each other that year, studying and hanging out together as much as possible. In October 2006, Larken proposed and we were married in June 2007 in the same church where Lindsay’s parents were married (her grandparents’ church). We had a very sweet and small ceremony that was shared by our family and close friends. Lindsay graduated from pharmacy school in 2008 and worked full-time for 2 years while Larken finished medical school. In June of 2010, we moved to North Carolina, so that Larken could complete a 3-year residency program in emergency medicine. Lindsay continued to work full-time for the same pharmacy chain. We met many wonderful friends and really enjoyed our time living in North Carolina, being so close to the mountains and the beach.

In November 2012, we welcomed our first child, Caroline. When she was 7 months old, we moved to a new town where Larken began working full-time as an emergency department physician, and Lindsay reduced her work hours to part-time.  This way one of us is always home with our children.

In January 2015, we welcomed our 2nd child, Julia. It has always been a dream of ours (since we each had relatively small immediate families growing up) to have several children. We desire for our children to have a support system not only in us, but in each other.

We are very committed to each other and to our family. Larken & Lindsay both grew up in 2-parent Christian homes and we want to pass that legacy on to our children. We strive to maintain open communication as a couple and we adore spending time together. Although we spend the majority of our time off work with our children, we still prioritize having date nights and taking tennis lessons together so that we can maintain our connection as a couple.

Larken enjoys reading, spending time with family & watching movies. He works full-time as a doctor in the local emergency department, is an active member of our church and attends a weekly men’s bible study. Lindsay admires that he is hard-working, very caring and funny, helps out around the house and is very active in our children’s lives. When Lindsay works (part-time), Larken is off and takes care of our children.

Lindsay enjoys reading, shopping, organizing, taking care of our family and making our house a home. Lindsay works part-time as a pharmacist in a retail chain, but most of the time she is home with our children. Larken admires that Lindsay is very patient with our children, loving and keeps things running smoothly. She is also involved in a bible study that meets weekly.


We live in a small town that has a lot of chances available to enjoy culture, entertainment and family-friendly activities. At every opportunity, we participate in local activities like story time at the library, art & music festivals, and exciting seasonal outings (egg hunts, parades, tree lightings at Christmas, etc). The girls love art camps, dance, gymnastics and music classes.  We believe activities/sports are also important avenues through which a child learns life skills and how to interact with other people. Each of our children will be encouraged to find at least one activity or sport that they love and actively participate in it.Our girls go to nurturing church programs a few days a week in the mornings to be with other children their age.

Education is very important to us. Although neither of our children are old enough to be in school yet, we intend to enroll each of them in a private Christian school & will encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Our two-story house has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. We enjoy having family and friends over.  We have several cousins and siblings that live far away and have young children as well, and they often come to stay with us.  With our open floor plan we have quite a spacious living area that allows us to spend a lot of quality time together. We live in a quiet neighborhood that is centered around a lake, which provides the opportunity to observe wildlife, fish and go boating. There are many families with young children in our neighborhood that we are close to.

Our family belongs to a non-denominational church in our town and we attend every Sunday unless we are sick or traveling. We invest time in our Christian community by attending church services, doing bible studies, helping in the church nursery and attending a small group with other families that we get to know more personally. 


Daily, we seek out ways to get out into the community, out with friends, and make fun memories together. We would love for your child to join us in our adventures. We both come from similarly-sized families: We have many aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We all love spending time together and are often visiting each other. The main difference between our families is that Lindsay is an only child. This has increased her desire for a large family. We love watching movies together, going to the park, going to the bounce house place, and reading together. At home, we read devotions and bible stories to our children, teach our children biblical songs and hymns, pray together, and talk about God during everyday tasks to encourage them to foster a relationship with Him. Another thing we’re learning to appreciate as a family lately is cooking together.

We love to celebrate birthdays and holidays! For every birthday our child has a party (usually at a restaurant or party center) and we invite friends from “school” and family to come participate. For Christmas, we meet together with each part of our extended family at different times throughout the season to exchange gifts and eat together. Also at Christmas, we do an Advent reading including cards for children that we read daily to focus on Jesus and the events leading up to His birth.

Every summer, we go to the beach for several days with Larken’s extended family. It is so nice to spend that quality time getting away together: swimming, playing in the sand, going to the beach and eating out at fun restaurants. This past year, we also took our oldest daughter to Disney World for the first time and plan to make it a tradition as the children grow up.


We began to feel God’s calling to adopt while on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2011. Larken was seeing patients in the clinics and Lindsay was helping run the make-shift pharmacy we had set up there with our team. While in the compound where we stayed with local missionaries, Lindsay remembers seeing a binder filled with faces of children waiting to be adopted, and thinking that adoption was something that the Lord could orchestrate through our family when the time was right. We have had a heart for adoption for many years and are excited to be on this journey.

 A little more about us….

Occupation Emergency Room Doctor Pharmacist
Education Medical Doctor Doctor of Pharmacy
Favorite Hobby Reading Shopping; Reading
Favorite Food Country Fried Steak Steak
Favorite Dessert Ice Cream Chocolate pie
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Movie Big Hero 6 Steel Magnolias
Favorite TV Show The Flash; Arrow The Middle; This is Us
Favorite Music Artist/Group Casting Crowns Adele plus I’m a big country music fan!
Favorite Vacation Spot Disney World The Beach and Disney World