Rob and Kim

Dear Birthmother,

You are such a brave and determined woman and child of God. We are so much honored to know that your strength to choose to let us love your child will never go unnoticed. We will be eternally grateful and we know God is so proud of you and how you have chosen this life for your unborn baby and to allow us to be a part of this miracle is truly the works of his mighty hands.

As Rob being adopted, we know the sacrifice you are making to ensure your child will be raised and loved by the way you want your child to be loved. We promise to love and support your child as the child grows physically and spiritually. We will always honor you for the amazing gift you have given us.


Rob and I have been together for 17 years. We have been married for 15 years. We have always known each other through mutual friends. In the fall of 2000, we had our first date to our Alma Mater Homecoming. The following Memorial Weekend we got engaged and the following March we were married. When you know, you know! It was a long journey before we met and never would we have expected God would have chosen us to eventually be husband and wife because of us being friends beforehand and not knowing what HIS plans were for us in the future.

(Rob-in the eyes of Kim)

Rob is a great man. I remember the first time I met him on the first night of my college days and I was so nervous because he was so well liked among his peers and so handsome and his voice. I still just close my eyes to listen to his voice. I would not hardly speak! Never would I have thought I would be married to him one day. My daughter laughs when I tell her that story. OH MOM! He never meets a stranger. His parents taught him how to respect peers and to be kind and gentle towards anyone he meets. He is well respected in the military and his co workers think very highly of him.  You could not ask for anyone more nurturing for raising a family and putting God first and his family next. It has kept us grounded in our daily lives.

(Kim in the eyes of Rob)

Kim is a great mother and wife.  She has a lot of patience with my sensitivities and mannerisms.   She is well organized with the day to day activities, doctor appointments, school schedules etc. She takes a lot of time with Claire and her studies.  She likes to try new things to cook to please Claire and me.  I’m impressed with her sacrifices to serve the Lord, hers and our families’ needs, our church, and Claire’s Christian school.   I love Kim.


Our community is a small suburb outside the capital city.  We have never thought about living anywhere else. We love our neighborhood and home. Our neighborhood consists of retirees and new parents. It is so quiet all the time, you would think we live in the country. The neighbors are fantastic. Everyone knows everyone and before they know our names, they know our little Shih Tzu, Licky. Everyone knows Licky!

We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home. We have an upstairs bonus room that is used for toys and the computer. The friends that come over to play with our daughter love it upstairs. It is their own quiet, personal, fun space to play board games. They sleep on the sofa and blow up air mattresses.  Our most used room is the kitchen. We cook when we can because we both work full time. My daughter loves to bake now and helps me any way she can to learn.  We eat every meal together when we can. It has not been many we have missed as a family dinner.

Our community has many great public and private schools near our home. We chose to send our daughter to a private school in the capital city because it is close to where we both work.  Both of us can be at her school in 5 minutes if we have to. Plus, the Christian atmosphere and what she has learned about our Lord and Savior is what we love the most about her school.  The education is one of the best in the city and surrounding area.  We will continue this school for this child that God has helped us bring into our arms through you.


Kim comes from a small, only child family. But, all the other family on both sides of her parents are huge. We love having a fourth of July party every year at her Uncle’s to celebrate birthdays with family.  Rob comes from a larger family.  He would see family on the weekends and spend it with his uncles and brothers when he could. He was adopted when his parents were our age.  His parents loved children. His father passed away when he was 8, so between his mom and his uncles raising him, they did such a fine job of raising such a fine man with a huge heart.

We love to travel when we can. Even if it is to a football game, we love to hang out.  We love spending time together and we seem to enjoy the same activities. We have learned we like to bikes ride together. This is our new thing. We love to go on beach trips and our favorite past time is skiing. We try to go to Colorado every year. Some overnight trips we love to do is just go to New Orleans for beignets or to Memphis to the zoo. Rob takes our daughter and friends to the movies a lot.


We always thought we would have more than one child. But God had other plans for us. After we had our daughter, I, Kim, was very sick from the birth.  We had always wondered if that would happen again. We were too scared to find out. Then, we found out that we were not going to be able to have any more on our own. We did not want to go to fertility treatments because I had a 10% chance of getting sick again. So, we had started thinking of adoption. It stayed with us in our minds for about two years until one day God made us both realize this is what we really wanted to do. So the papers started being filled out that next day.  Our daughter is thrilled.  She wants to share her life with a sibling.

A little more about us….

Occupation Accountant Manager for family office in selling eyeglasses
Education PHD in Higher Education MBA in Business Administration
Favorite Hobby Running and swimming Gardening
Favorite Food Chicken Parm Chicken Alfredo
Favorite Dessert Cheesecake Key Lime Pie
Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving Christmas
Favorite Movie Bond movies The Notebook
Favorite TV Show Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives NCIS
Favorite Music Artist/Group  Eagles, and anything 80s 80’s era music
Favorite Vacation Spot Colorado Colorado