Shannon and Whitney

Birth Mother,

Please know that no matter who you are and no matter your circumstances, God loves you and we love you. You and your baby have been prayed for so much—prayed for by us, our families, our church, our community. Our prayer is that you will find the right family for your baby, even if that family is not us, and we pray that you find comfort and strength in God during this adoption process.

Let us tell you a little bit about our family. We live in a small town in Mississippi where “everybody knows everybody”. Shannon was born and raised in this town and we are actually living in the house that Shannon grew up in! We met in college during the Fall of 2007, started officially dating in 2008, and got married in May of 2013.

Believe it or not, we consider ourselves to have three children, even though only one of which is a human! The two “canine children” are Annie and Bessie, our eight-year-old chocolate labs. Annie and Bessie are litter mates (sisters), born from a litter of puppies that Shannon’s sister’s dogs had. They are the best and sweetest dogs in the world.

On October 20, 2015, God gave us the absolute greatest gift that either of us has ever received, our daughter Lottie. We have never been so overwhelmed by God’s grace and love as we were when she was born. We continue to love her more and more each day. Lottie will be a year old in October 2016 and is growing FAST! We know that she will be the best big sister ever!

Our journey to the decision to adopt was and still is a wholehearted mutual decision to be obedient to a calling that God put on both of our hearts. This adoption journey started as just a “dream” that we would have not-so-serious conversations about (at least we thought that at the time). That “dream” has not only turned into an unbelievable, grace and love-filled reality—it has turned into a decision that we could not be more confident in and excited about.

Birth mother, above all, we want you to know that, if you choose us, your child will be loved. It is with so much emotion and surety that we can say that—your child will be loved so much. Not only by us but by so many others—our family, our church, our community.

We consistently pray that God will lead us to the right birth mother and to the right child. We pray that “right birth mother” is you and that you will consider us when choosing the family for your child. If it is not us, please know that we are praying for you and your decision and hope that you are seeking God and his will for your life. May the grace and peace of HIM be with you during this decision.

With Love,

Shannon, Whitney, and Lottie