Shannon and Whitney

Dear Birthmother,

Please know that no matter who you are and no matter your circumstances, God loves you and we love you. You and your baby have been prayed for so much—prayed for by us, our families, our church, our community. Our prayer is that you will find the right family for your baby, even if that family is not us, and we pray that you find comfort and strength in God during this adoption process.

Let us tell you a little bit about our family. We live in a small town in Mississippi where “everybody knows everybody”. Shannon was born and raised in this town and we are actually living in the house that Shannon grew up in! We met in college during the Fall of 2007, started officially dating in 2008, and got married in May of 2013.

Believe it or not, we consider ourselves to have three children, even though only one of which is a human! The two “canine children” are Annie and Bessie, our eight-year-old chocolate labs. Annie and Bessie are litter mates (sisters), born from a litter of puppies that Shannon’s sister’s dogs had. They are the best and sweetest dogs in the world.

On October 20, 2015, God gave us the absolute greatest gift that either of us has ever received, our daughter Lottie. We have never been so overwhelmed by God’s grace and love as we were when she was born. We continue to love her more and more each day. Lottie will be a year old in October 2016 and is growing FAST! We know that she will be the best big sister ever!

Our journey to the decision to adopt was and still is a wholehearted mutual decision to be obedient to a calling that God put on both of our hearts. This adoption journey started as just a “dream” that we would have not-so-serious conversations about (at least we thought that at the time). That “dream” has not only turned into an unbelievable, grace and love-filled reality—it has turned into a decision that we could not be more confident in and excited about.

Birth mother, above all, we want you to know that, if you choose us, your child will be loved. It is with so much emotion and surety that we can say that—your child will be loved so much. Not only by us but by so many others—our family, our church, our community.

We consistently pray that God will lead us to the right birth mother and to the right child. We pray that “right birth mother” is you and that you will consider us when choosing the family for your child. If it is not us, please know that we are praying for you and your decision and hope that you are seeking God and his will for your life. May the grace and peace of HIM be with you during this decision.

With Love,

Shannon, Whitney, and Lottie 


By chance, on October 25, 2007, we happened to meet each other in our local college town. We actually had mutual friends, who played no part in helping us meet, and we also had seen each other’s profile on Facebook, so we knew who each other were. After first meeting each other, Shannon sent messages through Facebook to Whitney, because he didn’t have her cell number. And, let me remind you, that this was the time before Facebook messenger on your cell phone; we had to wait until each other would send a message from their computer, which could be hours in between messages due to difference of schedules. It took him nearly three weeks to finally ask for her number. We finally became a “couple” on March 12, 2008. We dated for 5.5 years before he decided to pop the question in July 2012. At that time, we were both in our master programs and trying to finish up school. We decided to get married on May 25, 2013, which began a new chapter in our life.

Throughout our dating experience and now our marriage, we have grown together as a couple in our maturity state, as well as our spiritual state. We have developed a strong love for one another and the Lord. We were taught in a pre-marital counseling session that God was number 1, our spouse was number 2, and our children were number 3. We try to live each day by that standard and honor God to the fullest in our everyday lives.

For the first 2 years of our marriage, we were able to enjoy each other as husband and wife. We enjoyed traveling, doing mission work, working in the yard, playing outside with our two chocolate labs (our only two children at the time), and spending time with family and friends. On October 20, 2015, God blessed us with Lottie, and we were beyond excited. We were so thankful to receive a precious gift from above and were honored to be entrusted with one of His many blessings.

Since Lottie was born, our family has continued to love to do the things that we did prior to her entering this world. The only change that we can say that has been made is that our activities are more geared toward kid oriented. We have numerous couples in our hometown with children around Lottie’s age (older and younger as well) that we hang out with at least once a week. We are thankful to be centered around such a good Christian support in our hometown, and we love knowing that Lottie and our future children will have a variety of friends to grow up with.

About Shannon (from Whitney):

Shannon is a hard-working, dedicated, God-loving, Christian man that I am over the moon in love with. I thank God every day for bringing him into my life and allowing me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with him. I admire that no matter what is going on in his life he is always willing to put God and his family first. He works Monday through Friday, and when he gets home at 5:00pm every day, he is ready to help me around the home, hang out with Lottie and me, and/or play with Lottie while I do something that needs to be done. In his spare time, he loves to ride his bike, go running or swimming, work in the yard, read books, or just hang out with family and friends. Overall, Shannon is a wonderful husband and dad, and I know that his heart is ready to give more love to our future daughter or son.

About Whitney (from Shannon):

I become more and more convinced every day that Whitney is the most loyal and compassionate person ever—needless to say I’m very blessed to have her as my wife. Lottie absolutely adores her and I cannot blame her one bit. Whitney’s heart has been dead set on adoption for years now and I know she is eagerly waiting and praying for our future daughter or son. Whitney loves to hang out with family or friends, running, cleaning our house, or relaxing while watching one of her many “shows”.


We live in an older two-story home, with four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. We recently renovated our staircase, and we added a “play house” under the stairs for Lottie and our future children and their friends to play and let their imaginations come alive. We moved our staircase to allow for more open area in our living room so that our children would have more room to play while still in the presence of everyone. We also added a roof on half of our outside patio, and we can sit outside with fans and lights while playing with kiddos, watching television, grilling out, or hanging by the fire pit with friends. Lottie has developed a big collection of outdoor toys, and she cannot wait to share them with her future brother or sister. She already loves to share with her friends and cousins when they are over visiting for the day.

Our home is centrally located in the middle of our small town, and we live in walking distance of most shops and restaurants. We love to be outdoors and walk around town. During the summer we have a local farmer’s market, which is located two blocks from our house, and we love to go buy fresh produce and local homemade items. Some afternoons after work, we enjoy walking Lottie and our two chocolate labs around our hometown, which is a great way to wind down from a busy day of work.

We live in a small town, so all of the children in town go to the same school when they enter Kindergarten. Currently, Lottie is in daycare with numerous children from the community and our church family. We have a few different daycare options, but Lottie’s future brother or sister will be able to attend the same daycare as her.


When your child enters our family, he or she will be welcomed by Shannon, Whitney, Lottie, and 2 chocolate labs (Annie and Bessie). Your baby will also be loved by 3 great-grandmothers, 1 great-grandfather, 2 sets of grandparents, 4 uncles, 3 aunts, 5 great-aunts, 5 great-uncles, 9 first cousins, and 12 second cousins. As you can see, your child will be with a large family, and each one of them cannot wait to meet him or her.

Whitney’s side of the family lives about over an hour away, but we see them at least once a month. When we are together, we love being outside or playing games and doing crafts inside. Recently, we took a trip to Memphis for a long weekend and enjoyed activities such as the children’s museum, the zoo, and a Redbirds game.

The majority of Shannon’s side of the family lives in our hometown, and we see them weekly. Lottie is even able to go to daycare with some of her cousins. When we see this side of our family, we are normally all at Lolli and Pop’s house, and we love to be outside there. They have a huge yard with a pond and all kind of fun outdoor toys. With Shannon’s side of the family, we usually take an annual beach trip to Florida for an extended weekend.

For the holidays we try to be equal in sharing our time amongst both sides of the family. When we are all together, we enjoy fun, food, and fellowship. The kids all run around and play while the adults mingle and visit. We cannot wait to add another baby into the mix of our large family.

Currently, our little family enjoys spending time together outside. We enjoy playing any activity in the yard and walking around our small town. We also love to watch movies, travel together, cook together, and spend times with family and friends.


Prior to getting married, Whitney has always known that she wanted to travel down the adoption path. She never expressed her interest directly to Shannon until they were getting closer to their marriage date. In fall/winter of 2013, Shannon told Whitney that he had been praying and thinking about adoption as well, and he was interested in learning more about it. Neither of us had a direct connection to adoption; we just believed that this was the calling that God had put on her heart.

We decided to gradually start looking into the adoption options that were out there since we were both new to this world. In November 2014, we decided to go to a seminar at New Beginnings to learn more about their programs. After hearing their talk, we decided to go forth and start the initial paperwork. We sent that paperwork to the agency at the beginning of February 2015, and two weeks later, we learned that we were pregnant with Lottie. We decided to place our adoption plans on hold until after Lottie was born, but we were very eager to be as prepared as we could to get our adoption plan back into action soon after Lottie’s arrival. So, in June 2015, we went forth and sent in the second round of paperwork, and we completed the last round in January 2016. We decided to schedule a home study when Lottie was six months old, which was April/May 2016. New Beginnings encouraged us that if we felt like we were ready to expand our family again to go forth and do the home study process. We have been patiently waiting for our second child since May 2016, and we hope that you will chose us for your child. We cannot wait to introduce him or her to the gospel and into our world full of love and excitement.

A little more about us….


Occupation Attorney Nurse Practitioner
Education Jurous Doctor Master of Science in Nursing
Favorite Hobby Riding my bike Cooking
Favorite Food Wheat Thins Kraft Mac n’ Cheese (BLUE BOX)
Favorite Dessert Anything with cinnamon Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Movie Home Alone The Devil Wears Prada
Favorite TV Show Sports Center Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Music Artist/Group Christian Contemporary Christian Contemporary
Favorite Vacation Spot The Midwest to Hunt The Beach