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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Waiting Families

December 3, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Waiting FamiliesChristmas can be a difficult time for parents waiting to adopt a child. While all their nieces and nephews are scrambling over one another, opening gifts at the family get together, we can almost guarantee that your friends will be thinking about their child. If you want to do something to cheer them up this Christmas, we’ve got some ideas for gifts that can help them get through the holiday season.

A Journal

Consider buying a journal for an adoptive family. Make sure it’s not just some old notebook you can buy at the dollar store. Get a nice journal. Think about something embossed and leather bound and don’t forget to include a nice pen set. They can record their feelings and their experiences while they are in the waiting process and they could give it to the child as a keepsake when they get older. This will be one more way to show how much they loved him –even before he was adopted.

Language Lessons

If your friends are adopting internationally, they will be traveling back and forth between countries to meet with the child and ultimately to bring the child home. It is good to be able to communicate with the people in the country and with the child – even if it is just basic words. Consider financing basic lessons in the language of the child’s birth country.

Their Last Childfree Vacation.

Treat them to a session at the spa or a weekend getaway. Or, a basket that includes a movie, snacks, bath items and candles would be thoughtful. Getting away from all the busyness of the holidays can help lift their spirits.

Casserole Coupons

Offer to cook for them or organize a group of friends that can do so during the first week or two when they arrive home with their child. They will be exhausted and overwhelmed from the journey. Or, gift cards to local restaurants would be a nice gesture – even if they just get take out.


Adoption can be expensive. Consider getting your church involved in collecting donations to help the family with the adoption fees. If possible, don’t let them know you’re collecting donations. Place all the money in a jar with a big ribbon on it and surprise them on Christmas Day! Or, organize a church dinner, with all proceeds going to the family’s adoption fees.

If you are the parent of an adopted child, can you give us any suggestions? What would you have liked for someone to do for you during the holidays you spend waiting?