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70 Technology Free Family Activities

March 31, 2016

When was the last time you went a full day without checking your cell phone? Can you remember? The more we rely on technology, the more we come to see how it is both a blessing and a curse. Never in the history of the world has information been so readily accessible or convenient. But while we are more connected to the world, we are becoming less connected to the people closest to us.

Today, we have become overly attached to technology, and our families are suffering for it. Not only is too much screen time detrimental to family attachment, it has been found to negatively affect the speech and language development of younger children. According to the Huffington Post, “Technology is becoming a kind of ‘co-parent;’ too much screen time is impeding childhood development, and parents’ obsession with their devices is harming communication with their children and even fracturing families.”

At New Beginnings, we want to see healthy, thriving families. We know that our relationships with our children and our marriages need interpersonal face-to-face connections to thrive. Families don’t thrive when every member is enveloped in a cocoon of technology.  To help you break free from that cocoon, we’ve compiled a list of 70 activities your family can do that do not require a screen. We hope you can find something that inspires you to put down your phones and tablets, step away from your TV, and tune into your family.

  1. Plant a garden
  2. Volunteer for a cause
  3. Read a book
  4. Make up a silly song
  5. Ride bikes
  6. Go swimming
  7. Catch bugs
  8. Play hopscotch
  9. Organize a family game night
  10. Play hide-and-seek
  11. Cook something yummy together
  12. Use sidewalk chalk
  13. Play a game of baseball
  14. Do a science experiment
  15. Build an indoor fort
  16. Play charades
  17. Take the dog for a walk
  18. Jump on a trampoline
  19. Go to a park
  20. Play a board game
  21. Make you own play dough
  22. Learn something new
  23. Blow bubbles
  24. Go fishing
  25. Tell spooky stories
  26. Make s’mores
  27. Play I Spy
  28. Set up a lemonade stand
  29. Climb a tree
  30. Fly a kite
  31. Collect rocks and shells
  32. Paint those rocks and shells
  33. Have a water balloon fight
  34. Take a nature walk
  35. Make paper airplanes
  36. Play with Legos
  37. Go roller skating
  38. Make your own musical instruments
  39. Build a bird feeder
  40. Have a picnic
  41. Play capture the flag
  42. Visit a national park
  43. Make your own ice cream
  44. Learn to hula hoop
  45. Play checkers
  46. Play chess
  47. Go bird watching
  48. Have a tea party
  49. Learn how to whittle
  50. Run through the sprinklers
  51. Swing in a hammock
  52. Set up an obstacle course
  53. Make sock puppets
  54. Play dress up
  55. Put on a play
  56. Shoot some hoops
  57. Play red light, green light
  58. Go on a scavenger hunt
  59. Have a joke contest
  60. Chase lizards
  61. Make mud pies
  62. Splash in the puddles
  63. Go mud riding
  64. Tie-dye shirts
  65. Learn to juggle
  66. Write a story
  67. Complete a puzzle
  68. Go for a run
  69. Lay on your back in the grass
  70. Stargaze