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Adoption and Pastors: Offering an Alternative

September 29, 2014

“Nobody told me it was wrong.”

Tom Velie, President of New Beginnings, tells the story of a young birthmother sitting in his office years ago. Before she came to New Beginnings, she had an appointment at an abortion clinic. By the grace of God, she could not follow through and walked out before they ended the life of her child.

She’s like many other Christian girls who make choices that lead them to unexpected pregnancies. But no one explained to her that abortion was wrong or that adoption was a real option.

We don’t want to encourage or endorse the choices that lead to unexpected pregnancies in our youth. We cannot, however, ignore the issue of teen pregnancy in our society or our churches. We can talk about the consequences. We can talk with our youth about how to protect life at the earliest stages. We can support the families of these birthmothers as they travel this road.

Abortion often happens before anyone knows about the pregnancy, so it’s important to talk often to your youth about the option of adoption. Contrary to popular belief, neither abortion nor adoption are easy outs for the birthmother. She will experience grief and she will need the support of her church family. Adoption offers birthmothers the knowledge they saved the life of their baby and offered him or her a new beginning.

So often our church members haven’t really been taught the truths of adoption. Earthly adoption is patterned after our adoption into God’s family. We have done nothing to deserve His love and forgiveness, but He freely gives it. As we referenced in an earlier blog, Paul tells us in Ephesians 1:5 that God chose to look past our flaws, forgive our faults, and adopt us into His family. What a beautiful truth that is!

For the young girls facing the difficulties of an unplanned pregnancy, reminding them and their parents of the beauty of adoption in God’s plan can make all of the difference in the world. Instead of viewing adoption as the “last choice” after abortion and parenting, they can see that adoption is a gift from God. By offering this alternative, many lives can be saved and families formed.

We are happy to help you provide resources to your youth, their friends and their families. For more information on how to offer the option of adoption, contact us at 662-842-6752.