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Adoption and Pastors: Supporting Adoptive Families

September 29, 2014

As we move forward, adoptions are becoming even more accepted than they were in the past. Although we have moved (slightly) past sideways glances and whispers on the street, adoptive families are still treated differently, even in the church.

Because adoption is often a sensitive subject, many people avoid it so they do not offend part of their church family. As a pastor, you will want to show your happiness and support for the new forever family. We have a few tips to help you do just that.

-Encourage them: Adoption is a beautiful thing, but it isn’t perfect. Many of the children will spend a period of time grieving, and that’s perfectly normal. Yet, it can be frustrating and saddening for the adoptive parents. That’s where you come in. Encourage and support them. Remind them that with yours and God’s love the child will heal in time. For more information on adoption grief, read our blog.

-Celebrate the adoption publicly: What would you do for a family that just had a baby? You would throw them a shower and announce it to the entire congregation. Do the same thing for adoption! Forever families want their children celebrated, too! Also, the gifts can help with some of the financial issues that go along with adoption.

-Provide financial counsel: Adoption is expensive, especially international adoption. For those called to adopt, the financial strain can be overwhelming. Take this into consideration and offer financial counsel and support.

-Educate the entire congregation: Some people will ask inappropriate questions simply because they do not realize they are inappropriate. Educate the entire congregation on positive adoption language and how adoption fits into God’s plan.

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