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Adoption Finance Coach: A New Option for Adoptive Parents

June 2, 2015

We understand that adoption can be incredibly expensive. Many potential adoptive parents worry about the financial aspect of adoption and may even put off following through for that reason. That’s why we are so happy to provide a free service which helps our adoptive families develop a comprehensive financial plan for their adoption.

Many families start the adoption process thinking that the only financial options available are through personal loans or savings accounts, but that isn’t the case. Our Adoption Finance Coach system has helped many adoptive families find alternative ways to finance their adoption.

From free webinars and resources to the four-week financial boot camp, the Adoption Finance Coach system helps you put together a customized financial plan for your adoption. You will have access to a financial coach and an online gift registry so friends and family can contribute to your adoption fund. Also, they will provide information on how to take full advantage of the Adoption Tax Credit, as well as the most current information about adoption grants. Best of all, there is no cost to New Beginnings families for this service!

Whether you are an adoptive family or a homestudy family, we invite you to use this service. For more information, visit our website or call us directly at 662-842-6752.