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Building Healthy Families Conference New Schedule

February 26, 2015

The New Beginnings Building Healthy Families conference has been cancelled for Thursday, February 26 due to weather conditions. The First Baptist Church parking lot continues to be covered in snow and ice from yesterday’s snow and is not safe for use today. The church determined this morning it was too much of a liability to hold the conference today.

Friday’s Building Healthy Families conference sessions will be held at First Baptist Church Tupelo. We will begin with registration at 8:30 AM on Friday, February 27 and run until 4:45 PM. The conference will be shortened to 6.25 hours and refunds will be given for the portion of the hours that are missed.

Thank you for understanding. We were doing our best to accommodate everyone who needed hours for license renewal, but the situation is beyond our control. Please stay safe if you must travel today and we look forward to seeing you at the conference on Friday.

Please email with questions.