Domestic Adoptions

Post-Adoption Depression in Adoptive Parents

Post-Adoption Depression

Many people have heard of Postpartum Depression, a period of depression suffered by a mother directly following childbirth. What many people don’t know is that a similar type of depression can affect adoptive mothers. It is estimated 18% – 26% of mothers who become parents through adoption suffer from Post-Adoption Depression. While there hasn’t been […]

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Adoption Support Doesn’t End When the Adoption is Complete

Newness and expectancy is what makes beginnings so exciting, but so often in life we enter into the next stage with a certain naïveté. When we were young, we may have been excited about the first day of Kindergarten, but we had never been to school before. We entered into marriage never having been wed […]

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5 Unique Adoption Fundraising Ideas

We all know one of the biggest concerns for many prospective adoptive parents is cost. It’s also the biggest hindrance and the reason many people don’t even consider adopting. There are many ways adoptive parents can fund their adoption, such as grants and savings accounts. Finding the money to fund your adoption doesn’t always have […]

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A Birthmother’s Story: Giving My Son the Best Gift

We truly love what we do here at New Beginnings. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a new family form right before our eyes. However, on the other side of every adoption is a birthmother. It wonderful to see a new forever family, but some of the most meaningful things we’ve experienced working in adoption is […]

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Heart of Compassion 5K Fundraising Opportunity

Adoptive families looking for an opportunity to bless a New Beginnings (and possibly other) adoptive family, you have a GREAT opportunity coming up this fall. This year, Heart of Compassion will be having its 5th annual Heart of Compassion 5K on October 22nd. They are looking for families who are searching for opportunities to fundraise, […]

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The Heartbreaking Issue of Rehoming

When parents have decided that adoption is the right thing for them, they expect to be in it for the long haul. They dream about teaching their children how to drive or watching them graduate, but sometimes things just don’t go the way they’re planned. Adoptions, even with the most diligent of parents, can sometimes […]

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