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Chinese Adoption History

July 22, 2015

Considered one of the largest and most successful adoption programs in the world, China has a rich history regarding adoption. We are happy to now be able to provide direct services to our adoptive families for adoptions from China, and we decided to give you a little history lesson surrounding Chinese adoption.

Due to overpopulation, China instituted a policy limiting families to only one child per family in 1979. After being urged to produce large families in the 1950s, the Chinese government started to worry about their ability to feed the children in the future. That fear lead to the implementation of the one child policy throughout China.

In 1992, China implemented a law enabling foreigners to adopt its orphans. In that year, 206 children were adopted by Americans, according to the United States Department of State. As popularity grew for the adoption program, so did the rules and limitations. Those restrictions included marital status, age, mental and physical health, income, education, family size and others.

Adoption between China and the U.S. is governed by the Hague Adoption Convention, making it one of the safest international programs in the world. In 2007, adoptions from China to the U.S. reached 5,453. Unfortunately, due to international adoption decline, there were only 2,306 adoptions from China to the U.S. in 2013. As always, we hope to witness an increase and see fewer children in orphanages and more children in families.To discover more information about China adoptions, check out the Department of State’s website.
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