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Chinese Language

August 22, 2014

We are so excited about our new partner program in China. Adopting internationally often means raising a bilingual child. Yet, with this new partner program, some of the children being adopted may be too young to speak English or Chinese. We understand as parents you want to embrace your child’s heritage, and one way to do this is by teaching them words and phrases in Chinese.

The main language in China, as well as in Taiwan, is Mandarin Chinese. The following phrases use the phonetic spelling rather than traditional Chinese symbols to help you pronounce the words.


English- Chinese

Hello- Ni Hao

Goodbye- Zaijian

I am very glad to meet you.- Hen gao xing ren shi nin.

Thank you- Xie, Xie (Pronounced Shay-Shay)

You’re welcome- Bu Ke Chi

I love you!- Wo ai ni

Mom- Mama

Dad- Ba

Brother- Ge

Sister- Meimei


If you are uncomfortable with pronunciation, you can watch this YouTube video or ask fellow adoptive parents. For more phrases, check out this great chart or use Google Translate!

If you are considering growing your forever family, please contact us at 662-842-6752.