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Choose Life Vehicle Tag: Supporting New Beginnings

March 6, 2015

Many women and young girls are overwhelmed when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Thankfully, there are non-profit organizations, like New Beginnings, who offer a safe place for those who are faced with these terrifying situations. Like any other non-profit organization, New Beginnings relies on the generosity of our supporters.

Every month we ask you to consider buying a Choose Life tag for your vehicle through our social media platforms. As you probably remember from our Facebook posts, a portion of the funds for this tag go towards supporting New Beginnings. We know you might have been curious what exactly the extra money goes towards when purchasing this specialty tag, so we thought we would give you the breakdown of the funds.

The Choose Life Tag funds include:

$24.00 Choose Life

$2.00 County Tax Collector

$2.00 State Highway Fund

$1.00 MS Burn Center

$1.00 Department of Revenue

$1.00 Archives and History

We want to thank everyone who purchases this tag. Your kindness and generosity are so greatly appreciated. If you have further questions, please contact us at 662-842-6752.

For a cost breakdown of this specialty tag and others, please visit the Department of Revenue’s website.