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Do I Get to Choose my Child’s Adoptive Family?

September 27, 2021

When you decide to make an adoption plan, there are a lot of questions you might have throughout the process. If you have never made an adoption plan before, all of this might feel unknown and confusing. As you start to learn about what the coming months might look like, many women ask, “Do I get to choose my child’s adoptive family?” This is a great question, and we want to walk you through the process!

The Birth Mother Chooses an Adoptive Family

Yes, you can choose the adoptive family. Most adoption agencies will have a booklet or database of awaiting families that you can look through as you make your decision. Some birth mothers have a very specific type of family in mind while others hope that a certain family will stick out to them. Some birth mothers feel overwhelmed by this part of the process. If you feel like you want support as you sift through the list of families, our care team can help you think through each scenario.

The Birth Mother Chooses What Kind of Adoption She Wants

Many women don’t realize how many decisions they get to make in the adoption process. Each birth mother has the right to choose which kind of adoption she feels most comfortable with. As a birth mother, you can select an open adoption, closed adoption, or semi-open adoption. Some women decide that they want to have some contact with their child, while others think that any contact might be too difficult. If you are on the fence about this decision, counseling support can be a helpful resource to sift through the different emotions that come with this.

The Birth Mother Chooses Level of Contact Prior to Adoption

As a birth mother, would you like to meet the adoptive family in person? Would you rather connect with them via phone call? Or does the thought of talking with them at all feel too overwhelming? Every woman feels differently about this situation when she is pregnant, and it’s normal to have mixed emotions about it. You get to choose the level of contact that feels most comfortable to you, and you will have the support of your care team every step of the way.

Do I get to choose my child’s adoptive family? The answer is yes, but only if you would like to. Some birth mothers would rather have the adoption agency choose for them, but the choice is ultimately yours. If you’d like to connect with one of our care team members, text us at 662-507-1389.