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Emotionally Preparing for an Adoption

May 9, 2019

Bringing a child into a home through adoption is an amazing thing. The emotions that come attached to this major life event can feel complicated, not only for the children making their way into new homes, but also for the families welcoming them.

The process is different for every family and every adoptive child, but here at New Beginnings Adoption Agency, we have ways to help families prepare emotionally to welcome a new family member into their home. The following are some of the things we have found work best to make the transition as smooth as possible:

#1 Read & Ask Questions

So much of the anxiety in the adoption process comes from the unknown, so it’s important to educate yourself on every step of the process. Knowing what to expect is the best way to combat any big emotional surprises. Adoptive parents are going to face high-stress situations throughout

the adoption, from the home study to the finalization hearing, so reading about those events and asking questions will help put your mind and heart at ease.

#2 Learn to Release Control

A frustrating reality for many adoptive parents is that some things are just outside of their control. They can’t control the home study, they lose a lot of their privacy, and they can’t control who case workers ultimately decide to place a child with. Knowing this, focus on the things you can control by getting your house in order as best you can or going through steps like having your bloodwork done or fingerprints registered. Celebrate the little things, and let fate do the rest.

#3 Build a Support Network

You are not the only adoptive parents that have ever gone through this process. Find other people who understand what you’re going through and make friends with them as you navigate the process yourself. Everything is easier with a support network of people who can help guide you through the most emotional parts of everything involved with an adoption.

#4 Focus on Your Purpose

If things get overwhelming, just remember why you wanted to adopt. That’s your emotional center when the going gets tough. There’s no question that an adoption can be a stressful process, but making a child a part of your family is one of the most rewarding things you can experience.

If you can do each of these things, you will find your emotional center throughout the adoption process, which admittedly is not always an easy one. Knowing this emotional variance is coming, try to prepare yourself to handle those highs and lows, and remember that New Beginnings Adoptions is always here to help should you ever need it!