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Feel Better with the Choice of Adoption

April 1, 2019

Deciding whether or not to keep your baby is a huge decision—perhaps the most important choice a person can make—and that’s why it is so essential to be informed about what adoption means before making a final decision about whether to keep a child. Here at New Beginnings, we preach adoption as an alternative option because we feel it offers hope and a higher quality of life for all involved, and while we understand that adoption isn’t always the best option for every woman, we also want to put expecting mothers at ease if this is a route they are considering.

Adoption Protects the Sanctity of Life

First and foremost, adoption is an ideal option for expectant mothers because it allows them to protect the sanctity of life. Domestic adoption is so desirable because there always are going to be adoptive families eager to bring a child into their home, giving biological mothers an excellent alternative from the very moment they discover their pregnancy.

Remember: Adoption and Abandonment Are Not the Same

Some women worry that making an adoption plan is akin to abandoning the child, but we can assure these women that adoption is nothing like that. Through New Beginnings, expecting mothers can meet adoptive couples and choose the ones they feel best about, and since this is not foster care, the children will find their way into permanent, stable situations with adoptive parents who will love them. In open and semi-open adoption, the birth mother still may have some contact with the family and perhaps even the child somewhere down the line, if that is something both parties are interested in doing. You are not abandoning a baby if you choose adoption. Rather, you are helping the baby find the best home possible.

Birth Mothers Do Have Rights

Furthermore, birth mothers are not without their rights. They are involved in all stages of the adoption plan, they choose the baby’s adoptive parents, they are treated with dignity and respect throughout the process, and through New Beginnings, they have access to support and counseling whenever and however they may need it. In other words, birth mothers are not powerless throughout the adoption process. Rather, they
have several rights that make the transition smooth and work toward finding the baby an ideal home.

New Beginnings Can Help

We are happy to provide counseling and support services for birthmothers to help them make the best decision possible about their babies. Many people who choose adoption are facing single parenthood, and being a single parent is a hard reality to face. Knowing what could be coming, and knowing how hard it can be to give up a baby, we want to provide the support necessary to allow for a smooth transition. Adoption is a good solution to a potentially challenging situation, and New Beginnings wants to do everything possible to make sure everybody involved is happy with that solution.