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Finding Your Child Through Adoption

May 13, 2019

Deciding on adoption as a means of expanding one’s family is the easy part; going through the adoption process can feel rather overwhelming to potential adoptive parents, especially if the process is new to them.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you are considering domestic adoption and making good use of the services provided by the professionals here at New Beginnings Adoptions. The following is a quick and easy breakdown of how one goes about finding a child, which is the first and perhaps most exciting part of the entire process.

How the Matching Process Works

First and foremost, it is important to understand that adoption laws vary by state, so while the following steps are basically universal, it is possible that they will not always happen in this precise order. Timelines and specific processes may vary.

That being said, here’s what adoptive parents can typically expect:

#1 Home Study & Registration

The first major step is usually a home study, where caseworkers make a general decision about whether or not your residence is ideal for a child. Once approved, you or your case worker can register with AdoptUSKids so the caseworkers of waiting children can find you as a potential match.

#2 Begin the Search

There is a photolisting service through AdoptUSKids, and once approved, you can begin perusing this database in search of children who seem as they may be a good fit for your family.

#3 Caseworkers Get Involved

If you find a potential match, the child’s caseworker will receive your inquiry and start gathering information about your home study to determine what kind of match you may be. Keep in mind that very young children receive dozens more inquiries than older children or children with special needs.

#4 Go Over Child’s Information (Once You Get It)

While the caseworker is reviewing your home study, you may receive more information about the child and their situation. This is a good time to look this over and make sure the child is as a great fit.

#5 Your Match Gets Approved (or Not)

After a full review of your home study, a caseworker will work with a full team of people to finalize the match. If you are approved, the process of bringing that child home gets underway in earnest, and you’ll be given all the available information about the child to review.

If you don’t get approved, there is a chance the caseworker may have alternative options for you, which you of course can make a decision about. Or you can start the process all over again with a different child or sibling group.

While there are hurdles to jump, the end result is very much worth it. Of course, New Beginnings Adoptions is there for families every step of the way, so if you are interested in domestic adoption and need any help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you help a child find a happy home.