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Get Ahead of Summer Chaos

May 5, 2016

Summer is almost here. That means warmer weather, longer days and outdoor activities with our families. Unfortunately, all the excitement can make keeping to a routine difficult. Once the kids are out of school, the days can turn into chaos. None of us want children to spend the full summer in front of a screen. We want to share a few ideas to help your family make the most out of the summer holiday.

Make a Summer Bucket List

Get your family together and write down all the things you would like to do this summer. Are there any parks, museums, restaurants or stores you would like to visit? Decide what your priorities are and pick two-to-three things you all really want to do. Put those activities in your calendar. Also, try planning at least one family outing a week.

Make a Summer Routine List

This is a list of things everyone needs to be doing on a daily basis: things like reading, prayer time, chores and physical activity. If you have these things written down, those days when it’s too hot to play outside won’t be quite so boring.

Set Up a Schedule

Depending on what works best for your family, this schedule may or may not be detailed. Some internationally adopted children who are still learning English feel more comfortable with a detailed schedule. They find comfort in knowing what they will be doing every day. Try planning each day around a specific theme. Maybe your kids can make crafts on Mondays for “Make Something Monday.” Wednesdays can be “Wet Wednesdays” where you all go to the pool or play in the sprinkler.

Set Boundaries

As mentioned earlier, none of us want our kids spending the entire summer in front of a screen. Set limits on how much screen time your kids are getting. Setting boundaries on things like screen time will help you bond as a family because they allow you to focus your time on the things that matter.  Other boundaries might be something like: “We will only plan two activities per day” or “We will have media free afternoons.”

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