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About Mercy Nepal Program

Precious orphan children live in the heart of one of the most poverty stricken and beautiful countries in the world. These sweet children live at the Children’s Home supported by the Mercy Nepal Program. They rely on monthly Mercy Nepal Partners for their current shelter, their caretakers, and knowing from where their next meal is coming. The Home was established in 2007, after we began our own adoption program in the country. Sadly, adoptions between the U.S. and Nepal have since halted. The children still needed us, though, even if not for adoption. And while we love adoption, we love children even more. So, we’re still there for them, keeping the Home open and making sure they have a stable and secure environment in which to grow and thrive. We can’t do this alone. We began the Mercy Nepal sponsorship program for the sake of helping to keep the orphan home open. Our Mercy Nepal sponsors give faithfully each month, and this helps to care for the children in every way possible. Unfortunately, some of our Mercy Nepal partners discontinue their partnerships from time to time due to their age and life circumstances. Because of this, we gradually need new Mercy Nepal partners so that we can keep this Home open. If you would consider becoming a Mercy Nepal partner to be one of the ones helping to care for these beloved children, you would be directly making a difference in the lives of these children.

Be a part of something beautiful and big and good. Be a part of Mercy Nepal. Please contact for more information.

The home where the children reside is located in the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a solid, well-constructed masonry structure that survived the earthquakes with very little damage. During the past seven years, volunteers have made several trips to the home and have repainted it (inside and outside), installed a roof over an open air section of the home, made plumbing and other repairs, installed new outdoor play equipment, and added a water filter, multi-burner range, fridge, beds, mattresses, and many other furnishings.

During the day, the children attend a nearby English school for their educational and social development, as well as extra recreational activities.

The Home also provides recreational opportunities for the children. In the front of the home, there is a yard where the children can play, and the inside of the home is spacious enough for the children to have plenty of room to play as well. The children participate in sports, music, dance, singing, and computer class.

The children are provided with nutritious meals in the Home for their physical and mental development.

Thank You

“Thank you for helping care for the children. Because of your support, the orphan children supported by Mercy Nepal Partners will be educated, cared for, and loved. The children have been blessed through generous individuals who provide as they respond to the call.”

– Mercy Home Director

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