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Guest Blog: Sam, Thirteen Years of Blessings

February 27, 2015

Jennifer, one of New Beginnings’ adoptive moms, emailed us earlier this month with a story about her son. She graciously agreed to allow us to repost her story as a guest blog. To protect the family’s privacy, only first names are used.


It is difficult to believe that it has been 13 years since New Beginnings placed our son in our arms. Day after day, we continue to be blessed by the miracle we call “Sam”.

Sam has had some serious medical issues, and over the past couple of years, we have specifically dealt with problems regarding his optic nerve.  Last month we saw another specialist at LeBonheur who specializes in pediatric genetics. We, including the doctors, were shocked by what we discovered. Once again, God has shown us His mercy and grace. We know that He is interested and involved in every detail of our lives.

Sam is a miracle.  There is no other explanation.  Sam has an extremely rare genetic disorder.  He is missing a section of genes (27 genes to be exact) from his 3rd chromosome.  There are only 36 reported cases of this in the U.S. – now 37 cases.  The deletion of this series of genes can cause mental retardation, autism, and numerous physical disabilities, including problems with the optic nerve.  Sam, however, only has the problems with his eyes.  He has none of the other conditions.  He is not mentally retarded.  He is not autistic.  He has no severe learning disorders.  He makes A’s and B’s.  He can run, walk, skip and carry on an intelligent conversation.  He has a vast vocabulary.  He is utterly perfect.

Dr. Pivnick was stunned by the child she saw in her office.  When she saw his test results, she was prepared to see a child with all of the disabilities listed above.  What she saw was Sam.  Normal.  Perfect.  Healthy.  Strong.  Intelligent.

The doctors cannot explain why Sam is “normal.”  There is no medical explanation for it.  She said it herself: Sam is a miracle.  A miracle from God.  Science and medicine cannot explain it, but I can.  God worked a miracle. I don’t have to be able to understand or even explain this miracle, but I am in awe of God our creator, and I am so very thankful for our child every day.

The journey is not over yet, as we will always be hoping and praying for help for Sam’s vision. We will continue to see our eye specialist, and he will continue to monitor Sam as well as keeping us up-to-date on any new research that might find a way to help Sam’s vision. But above all, God is in control.  He is so good and has Sam in the palm of His hand, where he is perfectly safe.

We are so very blessed.  Thank you once again to New Beginnings and to Sam’s birthmother.  You brought Sam into our lives and made us a family.  We are forever thankful.