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Guest Post: Update from the Barefoot Family

July 8, 2014
We introduced you to the Barefoot family late last year when they returned from Poland just before Christmas. We’re happy to bring you an update from the family themselves.
We began our adoption journey just over a year ago. We were excited to find that New Beginnings had started a new international adoption program  with Poland where sibling groups were available for adoption. We submitted our application to New Beginnings at the end of May last year. Our home-study process was expedited, and we received a referral for our boys very quickly. A lot was crammed into the months between May and October. We worked our way through all the necessary steps including fingerprinting, training, health screenings, veterinary appointments, and mounds and mounds of paperwork. We also held a huge garage sale fundraiser and prepared the boys’ rooms for their arrival.
We traveled to Poland and met our boys on November 4th. The Polish agency that we went through required two trips – the first trip for bonding and court (about 18 days) and a second trip about two weeks later to complete the necessary travel documents (about 10 days). We, however, chose to stay in-country for one long trip (6 weeks). The boys stayed with us the entire time in Warsaw. Our ado
ption was finalized on December 4th, and we arrived home on December 15th. The time spent with the boys in Poland was so helpful in helping us unite as a family and made the transition to our home here in Mississippi much easier.
Our boys are 5 – turns six on June 19th (He cannot wait for his birthday party. He’s never had a party before where his friends and family come with presents.)- and 9. Since we have been home we have experienced more ‘firsts’ than I can count. We were able to be home for Christmas. The boys also started school in February and flourished. The boys love playing with their cousins and friends from church. The boys are enjoying their first summer here in Mississippi.
During our adoption training we were taught that we would go through an adjustment period. Certainly, there are attachment and bonding periods. But the adjustment for older children takes time, lots and lots of time. There’s so much to get accustomed to – language, food, the environment (it’s HOT here compared to Poland), family dynamics (our boys came from a large foster home where there were always other children around) – to name a few.
The adventure with our boys is just beginning. It hasn’t all been easy. But there have been more laughs than tears. We are finally settling in. Taking our time. And waiting with expectation to see what God has planned for their lives.