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Have You Considered Adoption?: A Compilation of Resources

December 31, 2015

Have you considered adoption? Twenty-four percent of Americans will consider adopting a child of some age, at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, only two percent will actually follow through. Why is that? For most people, adoption is not something they talk about on a daily basis. In addition, there are many stereotypes and myths surrounding adoption that sometimes “put people off”. Those that do follow through with adoption, in spite of the well-meaning words of caution, often find that they do not even know where to start. Much information is either unreliable or scant.

We want to help you on your journey to adoption. Even if you’re only gathering information right now and have yet to commit to anything, we want to make sure the information you receive is reliable. This is why we offer our adoptive parents as many resources as possible. We want to keep you informed regarding issues and help guide you through the process.

Below are several articles. This information is relevant whether you are only considering adoption, in the middle of your journey, or approaching the finish line. If you have any specific questions, please contact us at 662.842.6752. You might also consider joining us for our monthly “Ask and Eat” workshops. At these events, you will not only will you get answers to your adoption questions, but you’ll also get a chance to share a meal with other families that are considering adoption. You can click the link here to register.

Just Starting the Journey

Questions about adoption? We have answers.

International Adoption: Making the Tough Decisions

The Money Question: Tackling the Biggest Objection to Adoption

In the Nitty Gritty

Home Studies – International (Hague Accredited) and Domestic Home Studies in Mississippi and Tennessee

What’s that form again? Sorting through the International Adoption paperwork

I600/I800 Form: Putting a face on your adoption paperwork

We can see the Promised Land!

Final Adoption vs Guardianship: Terminology Explained

Applying for a Visa: Almost there!

Travel Considerations