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Help Us Offer Hope this Fourth of July

July 1, 2014

Miranda (true name), 16 years old and pregnant, with no mother or father in her life to offer love or support, endured the pressure of her very own grandmother to abort her unborn baby. As the grandmother of four amazing grandchildren, I find it difficult to grasp. But Miranda stood alone for life—was referred to New Beginnings—and arrived to live at the New Beginnings Maternity Home.

Miranda’s grandmother “promised” freedom from a “problem,” but Jesus Christ, through the ministry of New Beginnings, gave Miranda true freedom. There is no substitute for the release of all guilt and shame. Jesus said…

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

On Father’s Day, Miranda posted on Facebook: “Our lesson today was so powerful ‘never judge the outcome by the beginning.’ Almost four years ago when I found out I was pregnant I never thought just by obeying God and choosing adoption for my son that He would not only let me find the perfect parents to raise Weston but also gave me parents and an amazing family I’ve never had. I didn’t grow up with a dad and then God gave me Stan, such an awesome Christian dad that accepts me into his family, gave me a home, and unconditional love. I’m so proud to call him my father and I can’t thank him enough for being that dad I’ve never had. I love you so much.” Miranda was able to post this because your support of the Domestic program (Friends of Life and general gifts) allowed us to be here to serve her.

April 2014 found Tom, Victoria and Leah meeting with overseas adoption professionals. When they offered to “encourage adoptive families to remind the children about the ‘goodness of their country,’ the professionals replied, “Please let them forget this country, the abuse and the hunger at night. Let them grow up happy in America.” Their words were surprising, but they were inspired by the idea of true freedom and being raised in Christian homes. Yes, free from the horrors of the past. Again, those of you who support the international programs provided the wherewithal to make “hope, joy and true freedom” possible for even more children.

Can I count on you to partner with New Beginnings during the financially-difficult summer months? We will invest more than $100,000 directly into housing, food, medical care and clothing for birthmothers this year. We will invest a smaller, but significant amount into the international programs. But, I promise you that every gift is diligently invested into more opportunities for true freedom. To give, click here.

With appreciation for you and your family,

Debbie Velie

Adoption Director & Grandmother

P.S. Miranda’s baby boy is loved and thriving because of your past support. Miranda is a junior in college (she wants to major in social work and work with New Beginnings) and faithful attending a local church. When she chose adoption, she blessed her son with an amazing adoptive family. They fell in love with Miranda, too, and offered to let her live in their home. So, she was blessed with a mom and dad, too! Amazing! Thank you for your faithfulness to this ministry.