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How to Choose the Right Adoption Agency

June 18, 2019

There are few things as amazing as adopting a child, but in today’s world there are several different ways in which a person can approach that process and several different adoption agencies eager to help. Of course, in the same way it can be hard to find the perfect realtor or insurance agent, the right adoption agency requires research to make sure you find the best fit for you and your growing family. Not all adoption agencies are created equal, which is why the professionals at New Beginnings Adoptions strongly suggest finding an agency that you trust.

Five Things to Look for in an Adoption Agency Near You

#1 Certification

One of the most important things to look for in an adoption agency is reputability, and one of the easiest ways to check for that is to ask for certification and licensure information. New Beginnings Adoptions, for example, is licensed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services and the Tennessee Department of Children and Family Services. We also are Hague accredited, which is a necessity if you plan on adopting from another country.

#2 Experienced Professionals

As with anything, experience matters in the field of adoption. Would you rather an experienced surgeon do an appendectomy, for example, or an inexperienced one? The same holds true for adoptions. Certain types of professionals will better handle the rigors of this process with experience, and an agency should be able to provide background information, educational qualifications, and years of experience for you, should you ask.

#3 Available Education

A good adoption agency doesn’t just find a child in need of a home; it also works to educate you and your spouse/family in a way that makes the transition as smooth as possible. Available educational programs are a desirable feature of good adoption agencies, so feel free to ask what educational programs may be available to you.

#4 Responsiveness

Prompt, efficient communication is vital throughout the adoption process, and you can tell a lot about how an agency may handle that side of things as you initiate conversation with them very early in the process. Agencies that are responsive are often easier to work with. At the very least, they are easier to communicate with.

#5 Cost

Adoption can be expensive, but there is no one-size-fits-all experience when it comes to fees for adoptions. Different agencies handle the cost of adoption differently, and of course it matters whether you are undertaking a domestic or international adoption. Knowing all of that, the bottom line may impact your decision when looking into adoption agencies.

If the adoption agency checks off all these boxes, there is a good chance that you will be happy working with them throughout a process that can be emotionally draining. Finding the right fit with an agency is integral for a smooth adoption process.