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Anyone Can Adopt

We believe that every child has the right to enjoy a safe, healthy, happy, and stable home. We also believe every adult has the right to adopt. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, or Christian faith. New Beginnings families are carefully screened per State and Hague Accreditation (for international adoptions) protocol including Criminal Background Checks, Child Abuse Registry Checks, and Reference Checks. We offer a domestic and international adoption program. New Beginnings also requires a Pastoral Reference Check and signed Statement of Christian Faith. Your Home Study must be completed by a Licensed Social Worker who is employed by a Licensed Adoption Agency. If you’re interested in learning more about domestic and international adoption, fill out our contact form.

Domestic Adoption

The Process

Adopting domestically in America has, in many ways, become even more complex. There are licensed and non licensed agencies and the difference between the two is very different and vital for you to understand. New Beginnings is a licensed non-profit adoption agency, and like others with this accreditation, we are held accountable to provide the best services at the fairest cost while providing compassionate services to birthmothers. Licensed agencies are also required to abide by a strict code of standards and policies. Non licensed agencies, facilitators and other non-adoption professionals either lack the experience to properly provide a wide array of services to the birthmothers and adoptive families or they are involved in adoption as a for-profit venture.

Parental Requirements

New Beginnings requires that Domestic applicants meet the following criteria:

Both parents must be at least 21 years of age. The average age of both parents should be 45 or below. If the child being considered is not an infant, it is preferable for there to be at least 18 years’ difference between the parents and child.

Families must have adequate income for the addition of an adopted child.

Provide a childcare plan if both parents work outside the home.

Couples must regularly attend in-person church services.

Couples must be married for a minimum of two years.

Be in good physical health and free from communicable disease.

The use of tobacco products is absolutely prohibited.

Have a home large enough to accommodate an additional child with generally no more than two children in each bedroom.

Only open to Christian families, and willing to comply with New Beginnings “Statement of Faith.”

Estimated Fees

We strive to keep our fees as low and reasonable as possible. We invite you to compare these fees and our process with other legitimate, licensed child-placing agencies. Prior to a child being placed with you for adoption, the only funds you will pay are the Domestic Adoption Application processing fee ($2,500) and your home study fee. Our fees are ALL INCLUSIVE and include processing the Domestic Adoption Application, maternity care center program fee and the home study fee.

Have any questions or ready to apply?

Are you ready to apply for adoption? Click here to apply today. If you have any questions, please email Jessica Hood at or call at 662.842.6752 ext. 107.

International Adoption

New Beginnings has over 20 years of experience in inter-country (district) and international adoption and is available to hold your hand through your international adoption journey. It’s important for every adoptive family to have support during the ups and downs of the process. If you have questions, our team will be here for you through it all.

New Beginnings is Hague Accredited and able to provide adoption services for any Hague or non-Hague country.  New Beginnings has an adoption program in Poland and a partnership program for Taiwan with a like-minded Christian agency.  Additionally, New Beginnings provides home study services for families adopting from a variety of different countries.  This might be new territory for many adoptive parents, and we are here to be your guide and offer support through each part of the process.

Poland Adoptions

In the waiting child program, both boys and girls are available for adoption. Child referrals are typically seven (7) years and older, while sibling group ages can vary. Referrals could possibly take 1-18 months, depending on the characteristics of the child desired. Shorter referral times often occur when families are open to sibling groups, or children with moderate special needs.

Adoption Process

Complete the Family Initial Information Request Form

Sign the Poland Service Agreement and Fee Schedule

Complete home study process with New Beginnings (if you live in MS)

Dossier and Immigration Approval
Dossier sent to Poland for translation and approval
Review and referral is accepted
Compile and submit questions about your child
Immigration approval Round 2 and National Visa Center approval
Ministry Approval
Travel Dates arrive!

Travel Process: With recent changes in Poland, adoptive parents should be prepared to stay in Poland for approximately 28+ days.

    Length of the Process

    Bonding Period (14-21 business days)

    The trip is designed for the child/children to bond with their new parents while the parents learn about food, life, and the culture of Poland. The court hearing will take place at the end of this first trip.

    Appeal Period (7 days)

    At this time, one parent can return to the U.S. and one parent will stay in Poland with your child.

    Visa Process in Warsaw (5-7 days)

    During this time, the family will travel to Warsaw to gather all of the documents for their child/children to be approved to enter the U.S.

    Length of Process

    For families matched with a child or sibling group from our waiting child list, the process takes approximately 12-15 months from home study to travel.

    Parental Requirements

    New Beginnings requires Poland applicants to meet the following criteria:

    Both parents must be at least 25 years of age. No more than a 40-year difference between the age of the child and the age of the prospective adoptive parents.

    Families must have current health insurance and life insurance policies.

    Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

    Families must have adequate income for the addition of an adopted child.

    Must have no history of sexual abuse, child abuse or domestic violence.

    Adoptions out of birth order are not allowed for the Polish program.

    Only open to Christian families, and willing to comply with New Beginnings “Statement of Faith.”

    Couples must be married for a minimum of three years.

    Couples must be in good physical and mental health. Must be free of infectious diseases (HIV, Hep. B, etc.)

    Must refrain from the use of tobacco products.

    Must have no history of alcohol abuse/drug abuse within the past 10 years (will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

    Must have no major criminal history in the past ten (10) years (Minor offenses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

    Estimated Fees

    The estimated cost for this program is approximately $42,230-$49,450, plus travel expenses. Please email Renae Vallas at for a complete itemized schedule of fees.

    *New Beginnings charges no additional fees for sibling groups.

    Getting Started

    If you are interested and would like to know more about the Polish program please contact Renae Vallas, Renae@newbeginningsadoptions.orgor 662.401.2226.

    Children Are Currently Available for Adoption.

    Taiwan Partnership Adoptions

    New Beginnings Taiwan Partnership Adoptions Program offers an incredible partnership with Gladney Center for Adoptions, who acts as the Primary Provider. We advocate for children who are waiting through Gladney’s partnerships with two government-licensed child welfare foundations in Taiwan.

    The youngest children placed for adoption from Taiwan are typically 3-5 years of age, but there are many elementary and middle school aged children who are waiting to be matched with a family.  Many, but not all, children available for adoption from Taiwan have health, socio-emotional, or learning issues.There are many children ages 6 and older at the time of referral. Healthy and special needs children are available, both male and female. Siblings groups are also available.

    Adoption Process

    Complete the Family Initial Information Request Form

    Complete the Gladney Application
    Adoption Home Study
    Immigration Approval, filing of the I-600A
    Preliminary Packet or Pre-Approval sent to Taiwan
    Child Referral Received
    Dossier Submitted
    Court Process
    Adoptions Travel

      Length of the Process & Travel Process

      The time frame to complete your application and home study is typically 5-6 months. Depending upon the child welfare institute and child preference, it is estimated your adoption process will take an additional 12 months to 36 months to complete.

      Travel Process

      A family’s typical adoption journey to Taiwan will be approximately 7 days in length. Families adopting older children may stay in the country a few extra days for bonding and attachment. It is required by the courts and foundations that both parents travel to pick up their child. Some families may also be required to make an extra trip to attend a court hearing.

      Parental Requirements

      New Beginnings requires Taiwan applicants to meet the following criteria:

      Must live in the state Mississippi. If you live outside of MS, you will need to apply directly through our partner agency, Gladney Center for Adoption.

      Must be between 25-50 years old. Must be at least 20 years older than the child to be adopted.
      Married heterosexual couples; Must be married a minimum of 2 years (in some cases must be married a minimum of 5 years, or prove committed relationship for 5 years).
      Only 1 divorce per adoptive parent.
      Single men and single women are not permitted to adopt.

      Must be healthy or have only minor health concerns. BMI less than 36.

      The use of tobacco products is absolutely prohibited.

      Minimum of high school education or GED/vocational equivalent.

      Combined annual income must be at least $80,000. Net Worth must be at least $80,000.

      No alcohol abuse within the past ten years; no history of drug abuse.
      No history of child abuse, sexual abuse, or domestic violence.

      No criminal violations within the past ten years.

      There must be no more 3 children already in the home.
      At least one applicant must be a US citizen.
      Only open to Christian families, and willing to comply with New Beginnings “Statement of Faith.”

      Estimated Fees

      The estimated costs for this program are $34,430-$35,430 (plus travel expenses). There are additional fees associated with the adoption of a sibling group.

      *New Beginnings and Taiwan charge additional fees for sibling groups.

      Getting Started

      If you are interested and would like to know more about the Taiwan program, please email Renae Vallas at

      The following information is available upon request [H96.39b].

      The number of its adoption placements per year for the prior three calendar years, and the number and percentage of those placements that remain intact, are disrupted, or have been dissolved as of the time the information is provided; the number of parents who apply to adopt on a yearly basis, based on data for the prior three calendar years; and the number of children eligible for adoption and awaiting an adoptive placement referral via the agency or person.

      Home Studies

      New Beginnings International Children’s & Family Services (New Beginnings) is Hague accredited and licensed to provide international and domestic home study services throughout Mississippi. Our professional, friendly and trained workers are located throughout both states, which saves families the added expense of travel time. New Beginnings is able to provide home study services to families regardless of which agency you are working with as your primary agency. We work quickly and carefully to make the process as efficient as possible.

      Process of a Home Study

      The home study process typically takes around three months to complete. This can be completed more quickly, or the process may take longer than three months. Factors that affect the time of completion include how quickly paperwork is completed and turned in by the family and how quickly background checks and references are received.

      Funding & Grants

      Funding Adoption

      Even before you made the decision to adopt, you most likely had no idea how you would approach funding adoption. You are not alone! It can be an overwhelming moment, but you have options to help you move forward. Many couples face the same challenges as they wait to start the adoption process.

      At New Beginnings, we understand the financial hurdles of adoption are one of the top reasons families chose not to proceed with their adoption. We never want a family to stop the adoption process because of finances. Our goal is to provide and connect you with resources to help you along your adoption journey. See some of the resources we recommend to our awaiting families below.

      Training & Resources

      Adoption Learning Partners (10-hour Hague Package)

      Creating a Family

      Intercountry Adoption | Poland

      Empowered to Connect YouTube

      The Connected Child

      CDC | Poland

      Have a Question? Leave a Message.

      Whether it’s a quick question or you’re looking to learn more about your adoption options, We’re here for you.