Adoption Testimonials

Healing Never Came

— Written by an adoptive mother

For years my husband and I tried to have a baby. We prayed. We begged. Friends prayed for us. Leaders in our church prayed over us, laying hands on us. Our entire church prayed over us. Healing never came.

We had excellent medical doctors who used all their capabilities, but it never worked. Our doctor prayed for us. Our nurse prayed for us. Family prayed for us. But…what we prayed for never came—not in the way we prayed for.

Finally, we got to the point where we couldn’t continue on with what we were trying. We had spent so much money, so much time and effort, so many tears, so many sleepless nights…all resulting only in anxiety and depression. It was then, when we got to the end of what we know to do that we FINALLY gave it all to God and asked for HIS will to be done — whatever that may be that healing came.

Healing came, not in the way we had prayed for, but in the way that God had planned all along.    Healing came in small steps. Healing came when we sent in our application to adopt to New Beginnings. Healing came in the form of a letter telling us we were on the waiting list. Healing came in the form of a phone call on a Saturday afternoon telling me I was a mommy. Healing came in the form of a 6 lb. 5 oz. baby boy who needed a mommy and daddy. Healing came when that 6 lb. 5 oz. baby boy was placed in my arms for the very first time and I knew that God had blessed us far beyond what I ever could have imagined or even prayed for.

God’s plan was far grander than anything I could have ever asked for. Had God healed us in the way we had prayed for, I wouldn’t have my Colin!  Once we FINALLY let go of how we thought things should work out and instead allowed God to work His plan, that is when “healing” came. God’s ways are so much higher than our ways. What an amazing plan God had for us!

There are other instances in life when I haven’t allowed God to work His plan when I should have. I’m sure we all have stories we could tell about that. Sometimes we ask God, “Why?” and I think that is okay. But, even when asking him “why,” we need to be trusting Him to work out the “who” and “what”. We might not even get an answer to the “why.” I know that even if the “why” goes unanswered, we know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us, who has great plans for us—plans to prosper and not harm us—to give us a future and a hope. God is so good.

I pray that whatever you might be facing in life that you will allow God to work His mighty plans in your life.

What Others are Saying

I had always heard that the adoption process was more like a business, but we didn’t feel that way at any time with New Beginnings.   We were treated as family from our initial meeting through to the blessing of being matched with our son.  The adoption process can be confusing and emotional.  The entire staff at New Beginnings understood the journey an adoptive family takes and walked us through the process never missing a step.  We will always be grateful for the gift of family New Beginnings gave to us.
Mike, Karyn, and Diwas
Nepal Adoptive Family

I wholeheartedly support the ministry of New Beginnings as they reach out to young ladies in crisis situations.  As they expand their ministry to help children from across the world find loving homes and families, my soul is blessed with a feeling of gratitude for their endeavors.  I have personally witnessed the joy of adoption and pray that this ministry will become even greater, for the need is immense.
Bruce Howell
Foreign Missions Director, UPCI

We have seen the smiles and heard the laughter of the children living in the New Beginnings Home in Nepal.  To know that our support is helping to make a difference in these children’s lives is so rewarding.  The joy on their faces will forever be in our hearts.  Instead of hunger, there are smiles; instead of loneliness, there are hugs; instead of fear, there is love.  How could we not give?
Rodney and Marcy Weekley
Mercy Nepal Sponsor

The entire staff played a part in our daughter’s life and helped her to get on the right track and rededicate her life to God.  No amount of money could ever repay what New Beginnings has done for her and us.
Mother of a Birthmother