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Every Child Deserves a Forever Family

Adoption Loans and the Giveback Visa Program

We believe every child deserves a forever family. In 2009, America’s Christian Credit Union began offering adoption loans to families in the process of adoption – covering agency fees, international travel, and other expenses. In the course of working with families trying to finance their adoption, we have been blessed to hear their individual stories and struggles, and celebrate alongside them once the child is safely at home. ACCU is also giving back through our Adoption Grant Visa so that every time you swipe your card, a portion goes into an account that we use to award grants. Through this loan program, ACCU has been able to help place over 1,300 children with their forever families.

Adoption Loans are in many ways similar to a bank. We offer a full-suite of services for individuals – offering accounts and services to help you reach your financial goals. In many cases, our rates are even lower than your local bank! What sets us apart is our passion for adoption and the desire to expand Christian families as part of our mission To Reach, Serve & Teach.

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Give Back Visa Program offers a Visa® credit card like no other. Because a portion of every purchase made with the card is directed to ministries. It is one more way for you to support transformative charities, including New Beginnings… without a dime out of your pocket, because ACCU is making the monetary contribution.

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“Thank you America’s Christian Credit Union for believing with us that Human Life is Sacred and that Domestic and International Adoption offers for babies, birth mothers, older children and adoptive families. The value of every life and the beautiful, transformational model of spiritual adoption, as carried forth into the adoption of children, represents both a challenge and a joyous mission for the Church today” (Dr. David Bernard, General Superintendent, UPCI).

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