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About China’s Waiting Child Program

In the waiting child program, boys and girls (12 months to 14 years) with special needs are available for adoption. Referrals could possibly take 12-18 months or longer, depending on the characteristics of the child desired. Shorter referral times most often occur when families are open to older children or children with special needs.

Getting Started

If you are interested and would like to know more about the China program, please email Victoria Kilpatrick at

Parent Requirements

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Both parents must be at least 30 years or older.  No older than 55 (no more than a 50-years difference between the adoptive child’s age and youngest adoptive parent’s age; no more than a 45-years difference for single applicants)


  • Couples must be married for a minimum of two years.  If previously married, current marriage must be a minimum of five years.
  • Both parents must not have more than two divorces.
  • China will only place children with heterosexual couples.

Children In the Home:

  • Couples may have up to five (5) children, under the age of 18 years, in the home, not including the adopted child. The youngest child in the home must be three (3) years of age.
  • Single applicants may have up to two (2) children, under the age of 18 years, in the home, not including the adopted child.


  • Couples must be in good physical and mental health, BMI (Body Mass Index) must be less than 40.
  • If one parent is being treated for anxiety, depression, OCD, etc., he/she must provide a letter from their health care provider stating that their condition is stable and well-managed.
  • If one parent has or had a major health condition (lupus, cancer, seizures, etc.), the health condition must be stable and under control, and the other parent must have good health.
  • Must be free of infectious diseases (HIV, Hep. B, etc.)
  • The use of tobacco products is absolutely prohibited.


Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED


  • Must have a minimum annual income of $30,000 plus $10,000 per child living in the home (including adopted child).
  • Must have a net worth of $80,000 (assests – liabilities).

Single Women Applicants:

Must have a net worth of $100,000 and minimum annual income $20,000 and $10,000 per child in the home (including adopted child).

Criminal History:

  • Must have no history of sexual abuse, child abuse or domestic violence.
  • Must have no history of drug use.
  • Must have no history of alcohol abuse/drug abuse within the past 10 years.
  • Must have no major criminal history in the past ten (10) years (Minor offenses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

Christian Faith:

Only open to Christian families willing to comply with New Beginnings’ “Statement of Faith.”

Adoption Process

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  • Complete the Family Initial Information Request Form
  • Complete home study process
  • Complete and Submit the I800A to USCIS
  • Complete Dossier Authentication
  • Send Dossier to China (DTC) Dossier will be logged into China’s database (LID)
  • A child’s file is placed on a 24-hour temporary “lock”, or “hold”, while the referral is being considered
  • Referral is accepted
  • Pre-Approval (PA)
  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
  • Submit I800 to USCIS
  • Complete the Immigrant Visa (DS-260)
  • Travel Approval (TA)
  • Schedule Consulate Appointment (CA)
  • Travel to China

Length of Process / Travel Process

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For families matched with a child or sibling group from our waiting child list, the process takes approximately 9-12 months from home study to travel.

Travel Process

Family should plan to be in China for approximately 12-14 business days

Program Fees

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Estimated costs for this program are $31,000- $35,000. Please email Amanda Ashcraft-Knight at for a complete fee schedule and additional information.

Adoption of Sibling Groups

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Only one (1) child may be adopted at a time (unless there is a sibling).

The following information is available upon request [H96.39b].

The number of its adoption placements per year for the prior three calendar years, and the number and percentage of those placements that remain intact, are disrupted, or have been dissolved as of the time the information is provided; the number of parents who apply to adopt on a yearly basis, based on data for the prior three calendar years; and the number of children eligible for adoption and awaiting an adoptive placement referral via the agency or person.

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