Poland Adoptions

Our Poland program is not accepting applications at this time.

Children Available

Poland’s Waiting Child Program: In the waiting child program, boys and girls are available. Single child referrals are typically seven (7) years and older, while sibling group ages can vary. Referrals could possibly take 1-18 months, depending on the characteristics of the child desired. Shorter referral times most often occur when families are open to sibling groups, or children with moderate special needs.

Parent Requirements

New Beginnings requires Poland applicants to meet the following criteria:


  • At least 25 years of age or older
  • No more than a 40-year difference between the age of the child and the age of the prospective adoptive parents


  • Couples must be married for a minimum of three years
  • Must have no divorces (annulments will be accepted)


  • Couples must be in good physical and mental health
  • Families must have current health insurance and life insurance policies
  • Must be free of infectious diseases (HIV, Hep. B, etc.)
  • The use of tobacco products is absolutely prohibited


  • Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED


  • Families must have adequate income for the addition of an adopted child

Criminal History:

  • Must have no history of sexual abuse, child abuse or domestic violence
  • Must have no history of alcohol abuse/drug abuse within the past 10 years (will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)
  • Must have no major criminal history in the past ten (10) years (Minor offenses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

Children In Home:

  • Adoptions out of birth order are not allowed for the Polish program

Christian Faith:

  • Only open to Christian families, and willing to comply with New Beginnings “Statement of Faith”
Adoption Process
  • Complete the Family Initial Information Request Form
  • Sign the Poland Service Agreement and Fee Schedule
  • Complete home study process with New Beginnings (if you live in MS or TN)
  • Dossier and Immigration Approval
  • Dossier sent to Poland for translation and approval
  • Review and referral is accepted
  • Compile and submit questions about your child
  • Immigration approval Round 2 and National Visa Center approval
  • Ministry Approval
  • Travel Dates arrive!
Travel Process

With recent changes in Poland, adoptive parents should be prepared to stay in Poland for approximately 40-43 days.

Bonding Period (14-21 business days) – The trip is designed for the child/children to bond with their new parents while the parents learn about food, life, and the culture of Poland. The court hearing will take place at the end of this first trip.

Appeal Period (14 or 21 days) – At this time, one parent can return to the U.S. and one parent will stay in Poland with your child.

Visa Process in Warsaw (7-10 days) – During this time, the family will travel to Warsaw to gather all of the documents for their child/children to be approved to enter the U.S.

Length of Process

For families matched with a child or sibling group from our waiting child list, the process takes approximately 9-12 months from home study to travel.

Program Fees

The estimated cost for this program is approximately $33,000- $34,000, plus travel expenses. Please email Victoria Kilpatrick at for a complete itemized schedule of fees. 

Adoption of Sibling Groups

New Beginnings charges no additional fees for sibling groups.

Getting Started

If you are interested and would like to know more about the Polish program please contact Victoria Kilpatrick, or 662.401.2226.

The following information is available upon request [H96.39b].

  • the number of its adoption placements per year for the prior three calendar years, and the number and percentage of those placements that remain intact, are disrupted, or have been dissolved as of the time the information is provided;
  • the number of parents who apply to adopt on a yearly basis, based on data for the prior three calendar years; and
  • the number of children eligible for adoption and awaiting an adoptive placement referral via the agency or person.

Want to know more about Poland adoptions?

Contact Victoria Kilpatrick at or 662.401.2226