Hear Adoption Stories From Birthmothers

Others have been right where you are today, you are not alone. Their adoption stories, journey, and experiences are described here.

Adoption Stories

We hope hearing from other birthmothers and their adoption stories can bring you comfort as you make your decision.


“You took my dream of a ‘perfect’ open adoption and made it a reality: my daughter will have a wonderful home life and I’ll still have her as part of my life. You championed my cause and I can never thank you enough for it! May you have many more happy, healthy open adoptions. Your friend.”

Shalom, Age 26

“I can’t begin to express the love and respect I feel toward your ministry. You allowed me to search within myself and find a love greater than I thought possible. God took an ugly situation and turned it into one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me. You made me feel like I was part of a family and that was very important to me. Thank you for caring about me and my son and for blessing him with wonderful and loving parents.”

Tania, Age 23

“Thank you for all your program did for me. You gave me another chance in life and gave my baby boy a chance, too. I will never forget the wonderful people I met while I was there. You helped me through a hard time and I love and appreciate you.”

Melissa, Age 16

“I trusted New Beginnings because I wanted my son to go to a loving and stable home. Due to some bad circumstances and me being young and still living at home, I wanted better for him. I come from a really good family, but I wanted to get my life back on track and I did not want life to be a struggle for him. You couldn’t have made a better match. I always find the strength within to know that with no doubts I made the right decision. I think of you all often and how blessed he is. Thank you for the letters and pictures.”

Mindy, Age 17

“When my baby girl was born, I prayed that God would give me the strength and wisdom that I needed. I looked at her and thought about the life that God had intended for her. I knew I could give her all the love in the world, but I had nothing else to give her. I also knew there would be a family that would love her as much as I did that had waited and prepared for a baby for a long time. I finished school, made good grades and completed college. I have peace with my decision and am so thankful I chose life and adoption for my baby.”

Shelly, Age 35

“Throughout my pregnancy, I prayed for my baby girl. Early in my pregnancy, I decided to choose adoption. It was not an easy decision, but I realized how unstable her life would be with me. I’m young and know from my life the pain of not having a father’s love. Even though I love my baby with every bone and fiber of my body, I am still a kid. I have not discarded or rejected my baby, but I was willing to let her go so that she could have every opportunity in life.”

Monique, Age 20

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