Frequently Asked Questions

Is adoption a good choice for me and my child?
I don’t have anywhere to live while I am pregnant. What are my options?
Do I receive any counseling while in the New Beginnings program?
Will I get pictures and updates of my baby?
Can I be sure that my child is placed in a safe and secure home?
How long may I stay in the maternity care program after I deliver?
When can I sign the adoption papers?
What about my medical bills and other expenses?
If I do make an adoption plan, will the sad feelings ever go away?
How can I choose the family I want for my baby?
Am I allowed to have contact with the family or my child after placement?
Will my baby be able to go directly with the family I choose?
Will my child be able to have information about me?
What about the father of the child? What rights does he have?
If my child chooses to find me one day, how can that happen?
Will I need to hire an attorney to complete my adoption plan?
Who should I trust to assist me with my adoption plan?