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Infertility Awareness Week

April 28, 2016

Even though one in eight couples in the United States will struggle with infertility this year, the pain infertile couples deal with is often unrecognized by our society. Instead of offering comfort or support, many times people offer their own solutions to a very personal problem. Often these solutions are based on inaccurate information or myths about infertility. Infertility Awareness Week is meant to help educate people and reduce the stigma of infertility. These are just a few myths that need to be disputed.

Myth: Infertility is a woman’s problem

Truth: It’s not actually. Only 35% of infertility cases are the result of female infertility. 35% of cases are the result of male infertility. 20% of infertility cases come as a result of both combined, and the last 10% result from unexplained causes. If you and your spouse are having fertility problems, it’s always best to go to the doctor as a couple.

Myth: “If you would just relax, you would get pregnant.”

Truth: Infertility is a medical condition that affects the reproductive system just like Diabetes is a medical condition that affects insulin levels. While relaxing and going on a vacation is always a great idea since it can help relieve the stress that comes with infertility, it cannot cure infertility. In fact, for most couples struggling with infertility, telling them to relax only makes them more stressed out because they feel like they are doing something wrong.

Myth: Nobody else is struggling with this.

Truth: More than five million people of childbearing age in the United States experience infertility. You are not alone.  We advise you to seek out a support group or talk to others who are also struggling to create a family. Having a support group can keep you from feeling isolated.

Myth: “You should just adopt.”

Truth: Many infertile couples do choose adoption, and we have placed many children in the arms of parents who once thought their dreams of having a family would never become reality. However,there is no such thing as “just adoption.”  Infertile couples often choose to explore medical treatment for infertility before deciding on adoption.  Couples must first grieve the loss of the child with mommy’s eyes and daddy’s nose that was never conceived or was conceived then lost before they can begin the adoption process. Adoption is a long, difficult and beautiful journey. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly nor is it something a couple should feel pressured into.

Myth: “If you adopt a baby, you’ll get pregnant.”

Truth: Not only is this untrue, it’s cruel. Rate of pregnancy in infertile couples after adoption does not differ from infertile couples who do not adopt.  As mentioned above, adoption is a long and difficult journey that should never be taken lightly. The children waiting to be adopted want to be wanted by their parents and should never be looked upon as a means to an end. Adoption is an end in and of itself.

For our adoptive parents, adoption is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. The couples we have placed children with tell us that they could never imagine life any other way than with their adopted children. Our social workers are experienced and can help guide you through the process. If you are interested in adoption please give us a call at 662.842.6752 in Mississippi and 615.378.7099 in Tennessee.