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Language in Taiwan

January 29, 2014

june 25 pic quoteAdopting internationally often means raising a child who is bilingual. Although it may be difficult, knowing both languages is a reward that your children will thank you for when they are grown. Learning your native tongue and maintaining a link to their heritage are equally important parts of becoming your forever child.

In Taiwan, the official language is Mandarin Chinese. Many people living on the island were born on the mainland or have ancestors who were, so mandarin has become the official language.

Although English is a regular part of the academic curriculum in Taiwan, it remains important to know some words and phrases so that you can communicate with your children when you go to pick them up as well as when you bring them home.

Some popular phrases you will need to know are listed below. Each word or phrase is written phonetically, not in traditional Chinese, for pronunciation purposes. I believe it is easier to pronounce a word if you can see how it is spelled, especially with a language as difficult as Mandarin.

Hello- Ni Hao

Goodbye- Zaijian

I am very glad to meet you.- Hen gao xing ren shi nin.

Thank you- Xie, Xie (Pronounced Shay-Shay)

You’re welcome- Bu Ke Chi

I love you!- Wo ai ni

Mom- Mama

Dad- Ba

Brother- Ge

Sister- Meimei

Do not get discouraged if you cannot pronounce certain words, you can always use Google Translate or contact a professional to help you learn a few key words and sentences. Although this is a good guide, since Taiwan is an island, there could be some indigenous differences in the language. If you have any questions relating to our Taiwan program or international adoption, please do not hesitate to contact us at 662-842-6752.