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New Adoption Specialty Car Tag Available from Choose Life MS

August 12, 2015

Mississippi_adoption_car_tagThis is an exciting opportunity, but we need your help! Choose Life MS, the maker of the Choose Life specialty tags, has recently unveiled a new “ADOPTION” specialty tag! Just like the money raised from the Choose Life tags goes to fund crisis-pregnancy centers, a portion of the money raised from each of these new tags will go to New Beginnings!

However, in order to begin production they need 300 people to pre-order the new tags. To obtain that many pre-orders, the Choose Life Advisory Committee has offered to pay the full $51 price of the tag to the adoption agencies promoting it. That means that if you are one of the first 300 to order, the entire $51 goes directly to New Beginnings. In addition, the adoption agency that sells the most of the first 300 tags will win an additional $500 bonus!

The tags pictured here feature a charming background of a pair of blue, finger painted handprints and an adorable child’s sketch of an adoptive family. This is such an amazing opportunity. The Choose Life tag will continue to be made available, but the ADOPTION tag will draw additional attention to the issue of adoption and those who support it.

How To Purchase Your Mississippi Adoption Car Tag

Please help by pre-purchasing a tag now! Production of the tag will not take place until 2016. Pre-purchased tags will replace the tag you have when they are produced.

Purchase your tag:  click here to download the form, fill it out, and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form. At this time, we are unable to pre-purchase the tag online. If this changes, we will update that information here and on our social media pages.