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Parents’ love changes everything for one baby girl

December 4, 2013

NewBeginningsLogoThe best part of our job at New Beginnings is watching God work out miracles right in front of us. A prime example of one of those miracles came in the form of a baby girl with some serious health problems.

Debbie, head of domestic adoptions, received a call from a social worker at an area hospital, who told her that they had a newborn baby who was supposed to be placed through a private adoption. When it became clear that the baby had unexpected health problems, the adoptive parents had backed out. The social worker said, “I’m asking your agency to take custody of a baby that might not even live, but I don’t want to see her end up in the foster care system.”

Debbie immediately took action, contacted the birthmother and met with her to complete the necessary paperwork. The baby girl, after being placed in the custody of New Beginnings, was sent to LeBonheur to be treated for her health conditions, which were later officially diagnosed as Down Syndrome. It was also agreed that as soon as her condition improved, she would be transferred to the Tupelo hospital so that New Beginnings’ staff could visit her.

With a definite diagnosis, the doctors could treat her multiple problems, and the New Beginnings team could begin the search for a forever family for this baby girl.

Meanwhile, the everyday work (and by everyday work we mean paperwork) of New Beginnings continued. As part of that paperwork, Debbie approved the application of a young couple who indicated they were willing to adopt a child with a disability, specifically stating Down syndrome.

On the very day Debbie called to offer this beautiful baby girl to this couple, they received their approval letter from the office stating that they were officially on the “waiting list”. It was simply as if God had perfectly planned these parents and this wonderful baby girl to come together as a family.

Excited, as new parents tend to be, the couple made travel arrangements to immediately travel to Mississippi to meet their daughter and care for her, even though the pediatrician caring for the baby had stated that she was most likely going to be in the hospital for another 5-6 weeks.

On the day this wonderful couple arrived at the hospital, it was a celebration. The nursery staff (in Tupelo) was so excited to meet the parents of this baby girl they had all grown to love. Debbie’s daughters had purchased an outfit so the baby could meet Mom and Dad with “real” clothes on. Many tears of joy were shed as they watched the adoptive mom hold that baby girl, while the tears of thanksgiving streamed down her face.

Two days later, on a Sunday morning, Debbie received a call that the baby was ready to be discharged. She was convinced there must be some mistake – the pediatrician had said 5-6 more weeks. The hospital social worker said, “The improvement in this baby’s condition after the arrival and loving care from her mom and dad made all the difference!”  A miracle!

We get chills every time we tell this story. Because of our great supporters, we were able take custody of this baby girl until we could find an adoptive family for her. And, because of God, all the pieces came together perfectly for a brave birthmom, a beautiful baby girl and a precious adoptive family. THIS is what New Beginnings is all about.