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Race & Adoption: How we handle this sticky subject

April 4, 2014

june 25 pic quoteWe wish adoption was as simple as placing a child who needs a home with a family who wants a child. But building thriving families doesn’t just happen. We spend hours upon hours helping families really discover what type of child fits their family, their passions, and their parenting skills the best.

One important aspect of adoption we deal with involves transracial adoption (a couple of one race that adopts a child of another race). We wish we could say that there are no longer any “issues” with race, but unfortunately, that wouldn’t be completely true. So, when it comes to adoption, we must consider every detail of a potential adoptive placement.

We verify that a child adopted transracially will not be treated any differently than a couple’s existing children (if there are any). We have very in depth discussions and require training so that every adoptive family is prepared to honor an adoptive child’s culture. Additionally, it is verified that grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are in favor of the adoption and will completely welcome the child to the extended family.

Talking about race may be uncomfortable for some folks, but it is absolutely vital to be open and transparent with all adoptive families and birthmothers. Birthmothers have to know that their precious child–regardless of his or her race–is going into a loving, supportive home.

The need for transracial adoptions is ever increasing and acceptable. In the popular TV show, Duck Dynasty, main characters Willie and Korie Robertson adopted a biracial son, Will. Every viewer of that family-oriented program can see that Will is loved and valued the same as all the other grandchildren. That is very typical of every transracial adoption that has been completed by New Beginnings. Our goal is for every child placed with New Beginnings to have the best possible forever family, regardless of the child’s ethnic background. It’s what EVERY child needs, desires, and deserves!

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