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Supporter Spotlight: Anna Morgan

April 13, 2015

After her help with Building Better Families Conference, we decided to speak with Arbonne Representative and New Beginnings supporter Anna Morgan about her life and sharing her healthy lifestyle with others. Here’s what we discovered during our enlightening conversation.


New Beginnings:  So Anna, you were an event sponsor and promoter of the Building Better Families Conference, what made you want to be part of the BBFC?

Anna Morgan: Honestly, I love the whole topic of health and fitness. The Lord truly changed my life, and I love being an example to others. Ultimately, I want to share my testimony to help others live longer, healthier lives. It is a huge part of who I am and the main reason I wanted to be a part of the Building Better Families Conference.

NB: You currently work full time as a school counselor in the Lee county school district and part time as an Arbonne rep. What sparked your interest in school counseling?

AM: As a young teenager, I was profoundly influenced by my youth leaders. I sought refuge in my youth group at that age and was inspired by them to help others. Working with children became the way for me to do that. As I got older and began participating as a camp counselor, I saw how many children were struggling on a day to day basis. I wanted to be in their own space to help them overcome their troubles. So, I went to school and got my degree to be a school counselor. It wasn’t until later in life that God changed my direction health-wise. Whether I am listening to a child’s story or informing people of health and fitness, my calling is to help others in whatever way possible.

NB:  How did you become connected to adoption and New Beginnings?

AM: My neighbor Alicia (yes, that would be New Beginning’s Alicia) shared the mission of New Beginnings. It truly touched my heart and sparked a fire to be a part of something so wonderful. I have had friends who have adopted, and it is such a beautiful thing.

NB: What makes Arbonne special? How did you discover it, and what sparked your healthy lifestyle change?

AM: My friend, Lori Robertson, actually sparked my interest in Arbonne. I have always been fairly healthy. I love to run and have participated in many races, but I never realized just how damaging some of the foods we put in our bodies can be. Arbonne helps to teach people how toxic some the “American” foods we love can be and how pure ingredients are part of the equation of leading a healthy, longer life. I was blown away by the impact of artificial ingredients on our bodies. After my father passed away two years ago from cancer, I realized that I needed to live this out. That I needed to be a living, healthy testimony. Selling Arbonne has become a vehicle to sharing my testimony.

We are so proud to have Anna as one of our supporters and a sponsor of the Building Better Families Conference! She truly is a beautiful and healthy human being. We want to thank her for all of her help not only with the BBFC, but with all of the people out there in search of healthier lives.