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Supporter Spotlight: Southern Cloth

August 10, 2015

We are so thankful to partner with Southern Cloth and the May family! They do so much for adoption and the orphans in Nepal, which is why we believe they deserve the “spotlight”. We think you’ll enjoy this letter from their family:

In early 2009, we were informed of a casual meeting at NB, where there would be information given regarding adoption. Neil was very interested, as he had been his whole life, and I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure I was “up for the challenge” of the stories I had heard about adoption and orphans. Apprehensively, we attended the meeting, and after hearing stories from the “been there, done that” individuals, we had no hesitation and filled out our application! Who knew that one night would change the course of our lives forever?!

The child we wanted to adopt was Mangali from the orphan home in Nepal. We were informed that Mangali was not available for adoption for a number of reasons, but there were many more orphans in need of a forever family! Nine months from that spring, we had a little boy in our hearts and home that become part of our family!

Since adopting Mangali was not an option we decided we wanted to help the orphans in the New Beginnings of Nepal Home for an ongoing length of time. We became educational sponsors with the sale of t-shirts, coozies, croakies and baseball caps. Ten percent of the proceeds from these sales go to an educational fund to help the children attend college in the future.

We are so pleased to be a part of New Beginnings, Mercy Nepal, and to be the adoptive parents of a little boy from Russia!

The Mays