Introducing Promise Kids-Our First Advocacy Trip!

For the past several months, New Beginnings has been praying, gathering and preparing a team of volunteers for our first Advocacy Trip to China. This trip is special to us because it will be the first time that we are visiting our one-to-one partnership orphanages. The children that New Beginnings will be specifically advocating for will […]

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Surviving Post Adoption Holidays with Your Extended Family

It’s supposed to be “warm and fuzzy time,” and during the holidays most families anticipate spending time with relatives. Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers give us a chance to build connections with people we love who live far away. For the adoptive parent however, these get-togethers can be the source of a lot of holiday anxiety. […]

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What You Need to Know About Referrals Under Hague

Without a doubt one thing you will have while going through the adoption process is questions. This is to be expected and asking questions is actually encouraged. Without asking questions you will not know what obstacles lay ahead. It’s also important to remember that whereas a Hague adoption requires the adoption agency to obtain and […]

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Chinese Adoption History

Considered one of the largest and most successful adoption programs in the world, China has a rich history regarding adoption. We are happy to now be able to provide direct services to our adoptive families for adoptions from China, and we decided to give you a little history lesson surrounding Chinese adoption. Due to overpopulation, […]

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Chinese Language

We are so excited about our new partner program in China. Adopting internationally often means raising a bilingual child. Yet, with this new partner program, some of the children being adopted may be too young to speak English or Chinese. We understand as parents you want to embrace your child’s heritage, and one way to […]

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Chinese Games to Play with Your Children

We are excited to announce that we have a new partner program with Small World Adoptions in China! We already love this program and all of the blessings it is sure to bring. Blending your adopted child’s culture with your own can be an effective way to help them adjust to a new country. So […]

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