open and closed adoptions

November is National Family Stories Month

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of us will be reconnecting with family members and many of us will listen as grandma and grandpa talk about “the good old days”. All the stories that get passed around this time of year give us a great opportunity to learn about our heritage. This is why […]

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Different Types of Adoption

When prospective adoptive parents begin their adoption journey, they typically research the various types of adoption. Adoption agencies, attorneys, foster care, open, closed, domestic, international. The list can be long and confusing! We’ve discussed these many options with adoptive families, as well as those curious about adoption in general. To help you understand the different […]

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Honoring Birthmothers

The birthmothers we serve sacrifice so much even beyond the 9 months they carry a child whom they will not parent. Our adoptive families always feel such gratitude for these strong, brave women, but often struggle with how to show that gratitude and love. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have a few ideas. Even in […]

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Tackling the Myths of Adoption

When you finally get brave enough to tell your friends and family you’re considering adopting, you’ll likely be met with a variety of questions and some well-meaning words of caution. Check out these Myths and Facts about the reality of adopting so you’ll be ready to help your family and friends love the idea of […]

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