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Taiwanese Games to Play with Your Children

January 27, 2014

children-1105640-mWe are so excited about our new Taiwan program. Sometimes when adopting older children, we are faced with the challenges of helping our children adjust to life here while preserving their sense of “home.” One great way to help them feel more comfortable living with you is to play games they were accustomed to in Taiwan. By doing this, the children can have a feeling of their home country while adjusting to their forever home with you. Here is a list of some popular Taiwanese games to play.

Shuttlecock Kicking

This game is very easy to grasp, but rather difficult to successfully execute. You will only need a good sized ball for this game, like a soccer ball. It is usually played in pairs, but it can be adapted to be played with many players. The players kick the ball back and forth. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! You must keep the ball in the air during the entire game! If the ball hits the ground you must start over. This could be a good game to form teams and compete against each other.

Catch the Chicks

This is a great group game. The main character or players are the eagle, the hen and the chicks. You get to choose any number of chicks you desire. The chicks gather behind the hen, then the eagle tries to catch them. The “mother-hen” tries diligently to protect her baby chicks. Eventually, the eagle will catch a chick, at which point the game ends. The next game’s eagle will be the chick that was caught during the previous game. This is also a great time to incorporate life lessons your children will need to learn.


This is also a wonderful game to play in groups. Anoint one player the commander and have him or her stand in front of everyone. With the commanders back facing the other players, the commander counts to a number of his or her choosing. Everyone else inches forward, drawing closer to the commander. When the commander turns around, everyone must stand still. If someone moves, he or she is out. If someone is close enough to touch the commander, that person wins!

All of these Taiwanese games are great ways to help your children adjust to living in America by bringing a little piece of their country with them.