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Things To Know About Your Unplanned Pregnancy

January 9, 2020

The pregnancy test is positive. You weren’t expecting this to happen, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed about what you should do next. Unplanned pregnancy options can be overwhelming. Here are four things you should know before you make any decisions:

You will feel a lot of different emotions.

Most people are in shock when they find out they are unexpectedly pregnant. It’s perfectly normal to experience a range of different emotions in an unplanned pregnancy. You weren’t expecting this, and it might feel like the weight of the world is suddenly on your shoulders. It’s important to let those emotions cool down before you make any decisions.

It helps to talk to someone you trust.

An unexpected pregnancy isn’t something you should go through alone. You have important decisions ahead of you, and you need someone you can talk to. Choose a person who makes you feel safe to process your emotions. If you’re not sure who to go to, contact one of our care team members. They have talked to hundreds of women who are in your same position. They will help you through this journey.

You have options.

Will you be ready to bring a child into the world? Do you know what it would take to provide a safe home? Are you considering making an adoption plan? An unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of different options available to you. Make sure you ask a trusted agency about the different avenues you can take.  If you have questions about your options, be sure to read this page.

You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

If you’d like to make an adoption plan, you will be able to make the decisions for both you and your baby. Some birthmothers think that adoption would feel out of their control, but it’s actually quite the opposite.  Birthmothers at New Beginnings choose the adoptive family they would like their child to join. Unplanned pregnancy options are not a one-size-fits-all. Our birth mothers choose if they would like an open, closed, or semi-open adoption. As a birthmother, you have the right to be involved in all phases of the adoption plan.