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Travel Considerations

September 16, 2013


Whether you are a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first big trip overseas, deciding on what to bring or what not to pack is an important decision. Add the excitement of bringing home your child and you’re certain to leave something behind.  We often see families worrying more about the financials and itinerary than what to pack, so we thought we’d offer a little help.

Take into consideration local dress codes of the country you are visiting.  Dress conservatively- you will have to meet with the U.S. Embassy, so you may want to pack one business outfit.  Have you looked into whether the weather will be warm, hot, cold or windy?

Find out what amenities your hotel offers. You want to leave room in your bag to pack your child’s belongings–it will help make the transition home easier on your child. Free up space in your bag by leaving your hair dryer, towels and soaps at home if the hotel offers those.

If you are adopting a toddler, they tend to require more gear than older children- such as formula, bottles, diapers, pacifiers, burp cloths, blankets, clothing and maybe even a stroller or baby carrier to manage your way through the airport easier. Also pack a first aid kit specific to toddlers with diaper rash cream, baby pain reliever and teething gel.

Older children don’t require as much “stuff”, so consider bringing books, games, toys and simple snacks to help keep your child occupied during the long trip and make the transition a bit easier.  Keep in mind that the weather from your child’s home country is probably different than yours.  Bring clothing and shoes that will be appropriate for your home weather.

If you have adopted internationally and have suggestions for our prospective adoptive parents, please leave comments below that could help them make the traveling arrangements and transition for their child easier.