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Ukrainian Adoption Status Update

May 5, 2014

As an international adoption agency, part of our job is to stay on top of the things happening in the world. Recently, we have received an influx of questions regarding the status of adoption in the Ukraine. Although we do not perform adoptions from the Ukraine, we want to share with you what we know right now.

The U.S. State Department recently released a notice claiming that they are unaware of any delays regarding intercountry adoptions following former President Yanukovych’s February 22 departure from Kyiv and the Ukrainian Parliament’s establishment of a new government on February 27. The notice states that the Foreign Ministry of Affairs is open and operating normally, assuring adoptive parents that visas will take no longer than the previously established 10 day waiting period. The notice also states that the U.S. embassy remains open, providing full consular services to adoptive parents and children in need of visas.

Outside of the State Department’s report, we have heard of a very few news reports of families being delayed in the Ukraine for up to a month, but for the most part, things seem to be running normally.

Please be aware, the Ukraine is not a Hague Adoption Convention Country. However, using a Hague Accredited agency even when adopting from a non-Hague country can save you time and money by ensuring the adoption is completed correctly.

If you have any questions about international adoption, please do not hesitate to contact us at 662-842-6752 or learn more about our Poland and Taiwan adoption programs.