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Understanding the Financial Costs of Adoption

August 7, 2019

For countless families across the United States, going through the process of adoption can be an amazing, life-altering experience, but it also is an experience that comes with some expense, depending on the type of adoption and the location of the child. While New Beginnings Adoptions ensures that expectant mothers have no expenses throughout their pregnancy, adoptive families inevitably will face adoption fees and some other expenses before bringing a child into their home.

The good news is that an adoption agency like New Beginnings can help you better understand your financial options as you navigate the process to make sure you not only comprehend the expenses, but plan for them as you work toward adopting a child.

Private/Domestic Adoption Expenses

Many American families choose to adopt children born right here in the U.S., in part because it can be a more affordable option than international adoption. The most common expenses in a domestic adoption include agency fees, legal fees, and expenses for the birth mother. All told, these expenses typically range from $20,000 to $45,000, depending on the agency.

Why does it cost so much for an adoption? Well, the simple answer is that there are a lot of steps in this process, all of which require the hard work of experts to ensure a child is going to a safe, welcoming home. Social workers running home studies have expenses. Most lawyers do not work for free. The medical fees that come with giving birth are expensive, and the responsibility for those should not fall on the birth mother.

As with all things, the prices vary depending on the agency, but speaking with a professional at New Beginnings will help you budget the money you need to bring a new child into your life.

International Adoption Expenses

While international adoptions do not necessarily have to be more expensive than a domestic adoption, they often are for the simple fact that they require extra travel and authentication steps to bring the child home. These expenses can include travel, medical care, and treatment for the children, translation fees, foreign attorney fees, passport and visa processing fees, and perhaps escort fees in instances where parents cannot travel to accompany the child to the United States.

All told, international adoptions can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000, but as with all things, it depends entirely on the type of organization managing the adoption. A private agency may incur different expenses than a government agency.

Financial Assistance

Keep in mind that there are many families that would love to adopt but simply can’t afford to pay these amounts in pursuit of adding a child to their family. For these people, financial aid is available. Some employers provide adoption benefits that can offer several thousand dollars’ worth of assistance as well as five weeks of paid leave. There also may be tax credits, loans, or grants available for those that need further financial assistance. In any case, just because the upfront price is high does not mean a family will necessarily have to pay that amount in full.

Work With a Trusted Adoption Agency

If you need any help working through the finances of an adoption, contact the experienced staff at New Beginnings Adoptions so we can begin helping you bring home a child that will change your life and the lives of everyone in your family.